I love fashion. Let me repeat that, I Love Fashion! And one of my favorite things about it is the existence of staples. What are staples? I’m so glad you asked! Staples are the essential items of fashion. The things that everyone has. Everyone has a pair of underwear, everyone has a pair of socks, and everyone has a t-shirt. It’s that kind of thing. Now you’re probably wondering. Well if they’re so common, why are we even talking about them? That’s a great question! It’s because not all staples are the same! Whether it comes to the shade of their color or the quality of their cut. Some clothing is just plain made better! Don’t worry though, this is not an article about spewing negativity toward any specific brand. For our purposes here, I want to go through a list of what I feel are the most essential items you can have in your closet. As well as what to look for when trying to find a quality piece of clothing!


First things first, let’s start with the obvious, the original, the undisputed king of the casual-wear staple. We’re of course talking about…t-shirts! A great t-shirt is one of those things that just works with any outfit. No matter how where you are or what you pair it with. If you have on a great t-shirt. Your whole outfit comes together. Lately, I’ve been rocking with these graphic tees for men. Whatever your style, I think we can all agree. Nothing says classic cool like jeans and a t-shirt. But what makes a great t-shirt? When I’m looking for one, how can I tell if this is something I’ll have for three years or three months? Well, It’s easy. Take a close examination of the seams along the sides of the shirt. Turn the shirt inside out if you have to, but pay special attention to the stitching. Good stitching will be neat, and uniform if you see any irregularities those are a glaring sign that the clothing was made quickly. Next, look again at the hem, is there double stitching or single stitching? This isn’t as damning as our previous example, but chances are if there’s only single stitching that shirt will not last as long as you want it to. These tips are pretty universal, so for our next topic, we’ll get a little more specific.


For our next topic. Let’s jump into the other side of that t-shirt and jeans equation, I mentioned earlier. For a lot of people, they could live their whole dang gum life in their jeans. Jeans are one of those pieces of clothing that you feel will never wear down, and never let out on you. If you’re someone who has to put in a full day at work in their jeans, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. So how can we tell if these are a quality pair though? Well, we’re in luck because jeans are a little simple. They’re pretty much ancient technology at this point, and because of that, we’ve gotten pretty dang close to perfecting that design. The first thing you want to look for in a pair of jeans is to make sure they’re unwashed. Feel the denim. Does it feel a little rough to the touch? That means that these are unwashed. Why is that good, you’re wondering? Well, denim is a tough material which means when it’s new it’s a little stiffer. Some companies mediate this, by washing them a couple of times to loosen up the fabric and allow them to wear out a little bit. Well, while that may be nice for some. I’m the kind of person that feels like those are three or four washes that I could’ve put on. That’s why to ensure that I’m always getting a fresh pair, I double-check to make sure they’re unwashed!


Now for the unsung heroes of anyone’s wardrobe. Let’s talk about our undergarments. Our underwear is the skeleton key to our entire outfit. If we’re not comfortable in our underwear our whole day feels off. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have nicer underwear and plenty of it. The quality of your underwear is easy to see, thankfully. Just check the thickness of the fabric and whether or not it feels good on your skin. Believe me, you’ll know pretty quickly if your underwear isn’t working for you!

When you’re looking for the essentials in your wardrobe, it’s important not to skimp out on quality. These are items that you put on every day. That touches you every day. Taking the time to make sure you’re buying an affordable quality product is the least you can do for yourself!






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