Smartphones click because they are what they are – smart. These phones are smart enough to replace many electronic devices such as alarm clocks, calculators, and of course personal digital assistants for emailing and document processing. With the innovations in smartphone technology, however, we just don’t get phone basics like calls, texts, chats, and emails, we also get a brilliant screen, clear audio, helpful apps, and yes, an outstanding camera that can definitely replace your regular standalone cameras. Do you know among gaming communities, F95zone is also a popular game nowadays?

It seems like smartphone makers are serious about replacing cameras and win the attention of avid photographers. In fact, numerous smartphones can now be used to take artistic close-ups and distant shots with full-camera features like zoom, macro lenses, and even fisheye technology. This guarantees that users can take professional-looking pictures as if they are taken from a high-priced single-lens camera. Some smartphones even feature three-lens kits for even more serious photography. These lenses are also detachable for convenience, just like a real camera does. Do you know how to find Filmora 9 activation key, and, Spotify premium apk?

Below is a list of smartphones that are very effective as cameras as well, not to mention the fact that all of them are packed with features that definitely make them smart:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II – this is the first on the list because I’m always biased to anything Samsung. But aside from personal preference, this smartphone is definitely a top of the line smartphone. It actually comes in 3 different names from three different mobile carriers. AT&T calls it Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Sprint calls it Galaxy S II Epic 4G while T-Mobile just calls it simply Galaxy S II. But no matter how carriers call it, it’s still the same 8-megapixel LED flash camera phone that can capture great photos as well as record 1080p videos. Naturally, this phone comes with many other smartphone features as well but you might want to hold out till the Galaxy S III is released, I heard it’s just around the corner and obviously it will be better than Galaxy S II.
  • iPhone 4S – This is definitely one pricey smartphone but the price tag comes with great features including a highly efficient and much-improved camera. Aside from the high-quality pictures that the camera phone can take, iPhone also comes with available apps that work together with the hardware to enhance (edit and format) photos. The photos taken originally don’t only look good on screen but also on print and on the web when shared with family and friends.
  • Nokia Lumia 900 – is Nokia’s entry into the world of smartphones. With its eye-catching design and efficient system, along with its 8-megapixel camera, taking great pictures is as easy as 1-2-3. The phone’s camera also comes with a dual-LED flash and autofocus lens to capture those moments in colorful and meaningful pictures.
  • HTC One X – this phone is just one of the three new Android phones from HTC which features a sleek and shiny façade, smartphone capabilities, and yes, an extremely good camera for taking high-quality pictures and videos. The phone’s camera is also 8-megapixel that comes with a 28-millimeter lens that is comparable even to highly dedicated stand-alone cameras. The phone’s camera features allow for a well-balanced speed, light, and focus that guarantees great pictures.

Obviously, there are still a lot more smartphones out there that can easily replace cameras these days. This goes to prove that with the innovations we have today, phones are becoming more and more compact each day as they can replace many electronic devices, sometimes even PCs. Maybe we’ll find ourselves using our smartphones to many PC activities that we may need an optimization tool like PC Speed Up to improve its speed and performance. But well, that’ll come in the future, for now, with smartphones capable of taking high-quality pictures, who needs to carry a separate camera? Apart from this, to know more about the best spotting scope under $300, you can take help from Google.  

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