For its users, WhatsApp has implemented two new features: Flash calls and Message level reporting. These additions, according to the business, would improve the safety of users on the Meta-owned messaging network. Users can use the Flash calls function to rapidly verify their phone numbers, while message level reporting allows them to report individual messages.

“In our ongoing effort to provide more safety and control to users, WhatsApp is now introducing two new safety features, ‘flash calls’ and message level reporting,’ in addition to a host of other safety measures and product features that allow users to continue safeguarding their personal messaging experience,” according to a statement from WhatsApp. Also read: Why aren’t WhatsApp photographs and videos showing up in the Phone Gallery? Here’s an easy fix for you.

Flash Calls

Android users updating or reinstalling WhatsApp on the same or new device will be able to authenticate their phone numbers on the platform via an automated call thanks to the new “Flash Calls” functionality. The present SMS verification process will be eliminated as a result of this. Users can simply call their own devices to verify their phone numbers via Flash calls. According to the firm, making the call from within the app is a safer alternative.

Message level reporting

This feature has been in the works for a long time. It will enable users to mark certain messages on the platform as spam. They simply need to long-press a certain message, after which they can opt to report or block the user.

Furthermore, WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp feature tracker, has discovered that the “Accept My Contacts” option has been added to the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.21.23. Users can choose who can see personal information on WhatsApp, such as their “last seen” status, profile photo, and “about” facts.

Along with Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody, it will be the fourth option on the Last Seen settings menu. From the “Accept My Contacts” option, users must select the contacts with whom they do not want to share information. Contacts who are not selected will continue to receive all notifications as previously.

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