WhatsApp is making a new security feature that will help keep your account safe. The feature is called “Login Approval,” and it will let users know when a device they don’t know tries to log in to their accounts.

The user can then choose to accept or reject the request, which adds an extra layer of security in case your credentials get into the wrong hands.

The notification will let users know that someone is trying to log in and will show them useful information, like the time and date of the attempt and information about the device being used.

WABetaInfo found evidence of something called “double verification code” not too long ago. When it comes out, it will add another layer of security to your account by asking for a second verification code in case an unknown device tries to use your credentials.

When a user logs in for the first time and it works, but WhatsApp doesn’t recognise the device, it will send a second verification code to the original device and ask the user to confirm it with that code.

Together with Login Approval, this should make sure that accounts are protected at the system level, but neither of these features has a release date yet.

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