If you like watches, you probably already know what we’re about to tell you. If you don’t, here’s a basic guide to help you keep learning about watchmaking and know where to look to make the best purchase this season. So, we recommend 5 top watch trends in 2023.

With a blue screen

It’s a classic that never goes out of style because it learns to change with the times. The color that has always been the most popular in the world of timepieces is now available in its most elegant versions and shapes. A great color to pair with a suit or any other type of casual outfit. From the darkest blue to the lightest, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you. Our favorite models have deep colors that make us think of all the ships in the world’s navy.

The Maurice Lacroix AIKON Automatic Chronograph 44mm is our top pick. Users have been amazed by the AIKON’s quick strap change system for years. It makes it easy to switch from a metal bracelet to a leather strap and back again without tools. Now, Maurice Lacroix has a new line of fluorinated rubber straps that give it even more options.

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With a green ball

One of the colors that has gotten the most attention in the past few years. The proposals that show this range of seriousness, refinement, and fun are the best ones that do this. Men’s watches with green dials are becoming very popular again. This is especially true of sports models, which are often retro and full of new ideas because green is often associated with motorsports. A choice that never gets old and always manages to make any outfit look better.

The dial of Oris Aquis Date is made of mother-of-pearl, and when the light hits it, it sparkles like the surface of water at sunset. Delivered on a beautiful three-link bracelet made of brushed and polished stainless steel with a fold-over clasp.

Golden watches

A gold watch is a sign of refined luxury. It will make any outfit look polished and rich.

The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Special Edition is the watch we recommend. Its satin gold tones bring out the sharp angles of the Octo Finissimo’s case in a way that stainless steel models don’t usually do as well. A nod to the 80s’ retro color schemes.

Totally black

One of the biggest trends is to wear all-black watches. A very simple and elegant option that can be used in many different ways.

The new Divers Sixty-Five 12H Caliber 400 from Oris is what we think you should get. The shape of the Divers Sixty-Five is still based on the company’s first diver’s watch, which came out in 1965. However, it now has Caliber 400. Its automatic movement is revolutionary. This means that the new watch has a high level of anti-magnetism, a power reserve that lasts for five days, a 10-year warranty, and recommended maintenance checks every ten years. The lines of the leather strap and bracelet are so simple that you can wear them with anything and they’ll still look great and make you stand out.

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With multiple time functions

You will always be noticed for your amazing and very sophisticated architectural style. The dial of the new Arceau Le Temps Voyageur is based on the design of a handkerchief, which is a map of countries named after horses. The travel time function, which is Hermès’ version of a GMT, is the watch’s most complicated part. The multiple time zone feature is especially clever. To move ahead one hour, just press the side button once.

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