Twitter’s web timelines will no longer be automatically refreshed with new tweets, and users will be able to choose when they wish to see new tweets.

When a user’s timeline was routinely refreshed in the past, tweets would frequently disappear from view in the middle of a read.
According to Tech News, users can now load fresh tweets whenever they want by clicking on the tweet counter bar at the top of their timelines.

The business announced in September that it would be making changes to the way it shows tweets so that they don’t disappear while users are still reading them.

It’s also worth noting that when users open the Twitter iOS or Android apps, their timelines are not automatically refreshed. Instead, users can load new tweets by clicking the highlighted home button on the navigation bar.

After giving out full-size image previews on mobile earlier this year, Twitter has announced that it will no longer crop image previews on the web.

Images will now display in their entirety on Twitter for the web, with no cropping. Instead than guessing how an image would appear in the timeline, photographs will appear exactly as they did when they were shot.

Twitter has been working to improve its platform and make its services more accessible, and these changes are part of that effort.