Truecaller, a Swedish caller identification software, released version 12 on Thursday, which includes a new Video Caller ID function, call recording for free users, and a revised user interface (UI).

Truecaller Version 12 will have five new capabilities, according to the company.

“For over 22 crores Indians, Truecaller is an essential element of their professional and personal communication. We are humbled by the amount of faith placed in us, but we are also motivated by the desire to transform communication “Truecaller India’s Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, said in a statement.

Users can arrange a short video to play automatically when they call friends and family using the Video Caller ID feature. Users can record their own video or use one of the built-in video templates.

Call Announce is another functionality. When turned on, the new optional functionality will read out loud the caller ID for incoming phone calls. This applies to saved contacts as well as Truecaller-identified numbers on both conventional and Truecaller HD Voice conversations.

Truecaller has also made the Call Recording tool available to its free users, which will come in handy for taking notes in professional situations. Truecaller or a file browser can be used to listen to or erase recordings. Email, Bluetooth, or any other messaging channel can be used to conveniently distribute recordings.

Truecaller’s new Ghost Call feature allows users to enter any name, phone number, or photo to make it appear as if they are receiving a call from that individual. For the phantom call, users will be able to select a contact from their phonebook.

Furthermore, the redesigned Truecaller app features a simplified UI with separate tabs for calls and SMS messaging. With different tabs, you can quickly access all of your SMS, Truecaller Group Chats, and individual chats.

Truecaller just revealed that it has reached a milestone of 300 million active users around the world.

With over 220 million active users and a reach that stretches across the country, India remains the largest market.

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