Nobody wants to be mentally fragile, so it is necessary to alter certain behaviors. We all have toxic habits that need to be changed; these can be in relationships, at work, or with the family. The problem is that some of these behaviors can erode mental fortitude and impede achievement in any endeavor.

Mental toughness is important for a variety of reasons, including preventing problems from overwhelming us, learning from our mistakes, fostering positive relationships, and advancing professionally. However, we can unwittingly destroy or diminish our mental toughness by engaging in certain behaviors.

The good news is that bad habits can be corrected, and it is never too late to change and stop those behaviors that lead to mental weakness, which does not exactly refer to brain power, but rather to the capacity to deal with everything that is lived and experienced, and to determine the best way to react or respond.

In order to improve, you must not only strive to build healthy and beneficial habits, but you must also recognize the harmful ones (and enjoy life more).

6 toxic practices that cause mental weakness

A negative narrative about yourself

They say that everyone is their own worst critic and judge, and while this can be beneficial in moderation (someone who does not know how to recognize their negative points is truly unaware and unable to believe), this can become a problem when it reaches an extreme or when there is only one internal voice that is negative.

Excessive negativity can lead to issues such as a lack of drive or self-confidence, quitting things before their time, crushing themselves under the weight of problems, and failing to recognize accomplishments.

Lack of patience (quit early)

It is essential that you take the time to develop initiatives and ideas, despite the advice of some experts that you should abandon things that do not suit you or do not work. You must understand that success takes time, that you must learn to grow, and that making mistakes is not a reason to flee.

You must give each idea or endeavor sufficient time and only give up after all options and opportunities have been exhausted.

Not taking responsibility for your mistakes and behaviors

Constantly blaming others for what occurs to you or what goes wrong indicates that you do not comprehend your involvement in every event, as well as what you did incorrectly and how to improve or alter it.

It indicates that you lack maturity, humility, and a willingness to do your part. In addition, it suggests that you do not know how to operate in a team and gives others the impression that they cannot rely on you.

Ignore your emotions (and not validate)

Ignored emotions do not dissipate; rather, they accumulate and can cause you to explode. You must take the time to identify how you feel, what causes unpleasant feelings, and what you can do about it, and give this significance.

Not only should you do this for yourself, but you should also do it with others, since this will foster stronger relationships and is a great emotional intelligence and mental toughness tool.

Always seek the approval of others

Jeff Bezos once stated that it is important to follow your instincts. This does not imply that you should not listen to the opinions of others; however, in the end, you should not only seek external approval or do things to be recognized; rather, you should do it yourself, even if no one applauds you or gives you an award.

It is crucial to find enjoyment in one’s work, but also to feel motivated without constant praise from others.

Not controlling your stress

Stress is your worst enemy, since it affects motivation, happiness, and contentment, in addition to having a physical impact on you; therefore, it is necessary to learn to control it.

It may be meditation, listening to music, going for a run, or making some crafts; the point is to detach, relax, and gain control over tension and worry so that they do not rule you.

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