If you don’t keep your work life and your private life separate, it can hurt your health and your relationships with other people. A study published in the Journal of Occupation Health and Psychology found that people who are stressed may “carry it over” into their immediate environment, which may include their families, coworkers, or even friends. Another paper from Indian J Psychiatry says it simply: “Declining work-life balance has been linked to less physical and mental well-being, more job turnover, lower productivity, and more stress-related problems.”

But stress is not always what breaks down the barriers between work and personal life. People who work too much are called “workaholics,” and it can affect their close relationships. And, in general, there are many ways that not having a wall between the office and home can be bad for our health or relationships (or even cause what some people call “quiet quitting”), so how do you avoid it? Here is a list of tips you can use to find a better balance and avoid other problems in your life.

Stay Attached to your Schedules

If your job is from 9 to 5, try not to change it. Some companies often ask for “a little extra,” but that extra doesn’t show up in your pay for the two weeks, so make sure you leave the office when it’s time to go: it will be there the next day. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to do it sometimes, but you shouldn’t do it every day, especially if you want to keep a good balance between your work and personal life.

Make a plan and stick to it to make sure you have time for your personal life. Set up trips with friends or family (make sure you know their schedules so you know when they are free and can make the best plan for each day), go out to practice a hobby (or do it at home), the point is to keep your day full and know what to do. Being idle can make you want to go back to work.

Be Consistent

Try not to let one plan get in the way of another. Now that working from home is more common, it’s important to separate the tasks and step away from the computer for a moment. Also, try to avoid replying to messages unless they are really important. Everything can wait till the next day.

Set Limits 

We’ve already said that we all have work hours, but sometimes the company needs “a little more.” Here, you’ll have to put on your most assertive face and set limits with your boss. You can do this by pointing out that your contract says you have to work a certain number of hours and that you need free time every day to do your best work. A tired worker doesn’t help anyone, so it’s important for the boss to understand this. If you don’t set limits, you won’t get promoted and you’ll be tied to the office, which will keep you from doing other things and spending time with your family.

One way to do this is to promise the boss that you’ll do your best work while you’re there (which is easier if you have a job you like ). If you don’t get it, you might want to look somewhere else. Companies now care more about their employee’s mental health and understand that there needs to be a separation between work and home life.

Keeping these two parts of your life separate can be good for your physical and mental health and remind you that success isn’t only found at work.

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