Although it may not appear so, The Watcher is based on a terrifying true story comparable to The Amityville Horror.

The series, created by Ryan Murphy (creator of the Jeffrey Dahmer series), stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale and chronicles the story of Derek and Maria Broaddud, who moved with their family to what they believed would be their permanent residence. only to learn that the dream was a nightmare in disguise.

The actual events occurred in 2014, when the Broaddus family moved into their new house in 657 Boulevard, New Jersey, and were immediately tormented and threatened by a figure known as The Watcher, who sent them ominous letters claiming he was watching them and would never leave them alone.

The first letter was followed by numerous others that ultimately forced the couple to abandon their home.

What happened to The Watcher’s Derek and Maria Broaddus?

According to the genuine tale behind the series, which featured in The Cut in 2015, the first letter addressed to “the new owner” landed in the Broaddus’ mailbox one day. There, someone welcomed them to the mansion (a $1.3 million, 6-bedroom mansion built in 1905), but then the message took on a more ominous tone.

The author believes they received the home unfairly and accused them of damaging it with their modifications, stating that if they intended to protect their children, they “don’t want to make 657 Boulevard furious.”

The Watcher wrote that his grandpa had watched the house in the 1920s, his father in the 1960s, and now it was his time, suggesting that something sinister lurked within its walls.

The family contacted the police, but they were unable to do anything because it was only a letter signed by The Watcher, which gave them no hint as to the identity of the author.

Desperate to learn more, the Broadduses contacted the previous residents, the Woods, who confirmed that they, too, had received similar notes, although they were less threatening. Soon, more and more messages began to arrive, and the family began to fear that The Watcher might take his letters into action, so they chose to relocate once more.

No one ever knew who The Watcher was, and it was believed that the Broaddus themselves wrote the letters as a means of attracting attention. Derek thought it could have been the neighbors, who probably wanted to get rid of them in order to keep the house, but this has never been confirmed, and the letters provide few clues.

Maria began to exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress as a result of their ordeal, according to Newsweek. When word of the case spread, several amateur detectives began to investigate in an attempt to determine the identity of The Watcher, but their efforts were fruitless.

The Broadduses rented out their home in 2016, and according to Newsweek, Derek got a menacing letter that stated, “Perhaps a car accident. Possibly a fire. Possibly anything as simple as a little illness that never seems to go away and leaves you feeling miserable day after day after day after day. Perhaps a pet’s mysterious demise. Loved ones die abruptly. Automobiles, planes, and bicycles clash. Bones crack.”

The family was able to sell the home in 2019 for significantly less than what they paid to purchase and refurbish it ($400,000).

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