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Facebook Live Chat Support for People who Lose Access to their Accounts

Facebook Live Chat

Facebook has launched a slew of new features for its users throughout the world. Meta has begun testing a new function for English-speaking users around the world, including artists who have been shut out of their accounts. This would be a beneficial feature because many users are unsure how to access their accounts or who to contact. Facebook has...

China’s state broadcaster CCTV broadcast the trip live

China’s state broadcaster CCTV broadcast the trip live

China is aiming to build a space CCTV broadcast station by the end of next year. As part of this, the country sent three astronauts into space on Thursday. Nai Heisheng is leading the Shenzhou-12 mission. He is the oldest person in China and has experience in space travel. This is China’s first mission with astronauts in the last...

Instagram Says Bring Back Chronological Feed


Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri told a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday that the company is working on a chronological feed, rather than the current ranking algorithm that sorts posts based on user preferences. Users who prefer to see their own and their friends' posts quickly dislike the company's algorithmically sorted feed, introduced in 2016 and updated in 2017. Instagram's current feed...

Twitter’s New CEO Parag Agrawal Wants the Company to Move Faster

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

To paraphrase Twitter's new CEO Parag Agrawal, the social network will move much faster than in the past. In his first public appearance since taking over from co-founder Jack Dorsey, Agrawal says streamlining Twitter's operations is his top priority. Last year, activist investor Elliott Management shook up Twitter's board of directors, pressuring Dorsey to step down as part-time CEO. Dorsey...

Google Chat in Gmail : Now You can Make Audio, Video Calls on Android, iOS Devices

Google Chat

Google Chat in Gmail now allows you to make 1:1 audio and video calls, according to a blog post. The business has made the upgrade available just to mobile customers on Android and iOS devices, and it is limited to 1:1 talks only. This means you'll only be able to make voice and video calls with specific persons from...

Twitter Admits Policy ‘Errors’ After Far-Right Abuse New Rules of Posting Pictures

Twitter Web

Twitter's new photo authorization policy was intended to fight online abuse, but campaigners and researchers in the United States warned Friday that it has been used by far-right supporters to shield themselves from scrutiny and harass opponents. Even Twitter recognised that false reports and its own problems hampered the deployment of the regulations, which state that anybody can ask Twitter...

‘Recently Played’ Widget Feature in YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has apparently been updated with a Recently Played widget for Android 12 handsets, which includes play and pause controls as well as a like button. The widget is believed to be accessible on the most recent version of YouTube Music, and it functions similarly to music widgets on iOS. According to the source, users would be able...

How to Book Uber via Whatsapp? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Book Uber via WhatsApp

Uber and WhatsApp launched cooperation on Thursday (December 2), allowing users to book cab rides using the messaging network. Using the newly introduced WhatsApp Chatbok for Uber, customers will be able to book Uber rides. The Chatbot will be operational by next year, according to the companies. Uber will launch its Whstapp cab booking service in Lucknow first, followed by...

Truecaller Version 12 New Features: Everything You Need to Know

Trucaller New Features

Truecaller, a Swedish caller identification software, released version 12 on Thursday, which includes a new Video Caller ID function, call recording for free users, and a revised user interface (UI). Truecaller Version 12 will have five new capabilities, according to the company. "For over 22 crores Indians, Truecaller is an essential element of their professional and personal communication. We are humbled...

Microsoft’s New Emoji are Now Available in Windows 11

Windows 11 Emoji

This week, Microsoft will make its Fluent-style emoji available on Windows 11. The OS is getting a new optional update that includes a number of key bug fixes as well as the new emoji Microsoft teased earlier this year. While it's a completely new aesthetic, it's not the 3D look that Microsoft had originally promised; instead, the corporation went...