Those who have pets will agree with us. Your cat or dog will show you that the best way to start the day is with a good stretching routine. Stretching before you work out or go for a run in the morning not only eases back pain from sitting at your desk all day, but it also gets your blood moving and puts you in a state of recovery. right way to start the day.

At least, that’s the idea. Because, if we’re being honest, most of us don’t really take the time in the morning to stretch. Usually, the reason is that it is too hard or too complicated. But we promise it’s a better way to start the day than sitting in bed and watching TikTok. This is what the professionals say.

Stretch, don’t look at the cell phone

“Stretching is very important, even if you aren’t doing any other kind of exercise. No matter how active or inactive you are, you should stretch every day, says David Wiener, a trainer and nutrition expert for the app Freeletics that helps people live healthier lives.

“Stretching also makes you feel good because it turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which makes more blood flow to the muscles,” says Wiener. “It can also help endorphins get out of your body, which can make you feel better and lessen pain.” With all of these benefits, maybe now is a good time to buy a yoga mat.

Why it’s important to stretch in the morning

In a perfect world, we’d all throw our arms up and stretch our legs all day long. At the very least, though, doing a stretching routine in the morning has special benefits. Mitch Raynsford, a strength and conditioning coach at P3RFORM, says there’s a reason you’re supposed to stretch first thing in the morning:

“After eight hours of sleeping, our heart rate slows and our muscles tend to get tight,” he says. “So we need something to start our day, both physically and mentally.” Stretching has been shown to raise serotonin levels, which is the “feel-good” hormone that lowers stress and helps fight depression and anxiety.

“The Golgi tendon organs stop muscles from overstretching by blocking nerve impulses,” says Raynsford. “This is worse in the morning, so a stretching routine can help the body recalculate what it thinks is a “normal” muscle length and improve blood flow to working muscles.” This length can be increased week by week if the exercise is done often. However, we need to be strong at these new lengths, so we need to make sure to add mobility and strength work throughout the whole exercise to make sure we are strong throughout the entire range of motion.

What do I do to my body when I stretch?

Stretching gets your blood moving, which raises levels of the feel-good chemicals endorphins and serotonin. But from a sports point of view, what are the pros? And how does it affect your overall health?

“Stretching is good for your health in many ways, including better posture, flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow,” says Weiner. “Stretching can also help make you less likely to get hurt.”

Also, if you have back pain around noon, starting the day with a stretching routine can help you avoid problems later on. “Because so many people work in offices, there is a new epidemic of stress on the chest and back muscles,” says Raynsford. “This causes what is called the “desk gremlin” posture, which can be fixed by stretching the pecs and strengthening the upper back a few times a week.”

In fact, Harvard Health says that regular stretching keeps muscles “long, lean, and flexible,” which is the main benefit. On the other hand, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has found that stretching (in the form of yoga) can help you lose weight and improve your overall health, sleep, emotional health, reduce headache pain, relieve joint pain, and ease back and neck pain.

It’s also important for your health, whether you walk to work or ride your bike: “Stretching every day will prepare your body for any activity you do,” says Weiner. “If you strain your muscles, stretching them afterward will help to relax them and prevent injuries.” That’s why you should always stretch after exercise, since stretching is a big part of cooling down. Depending on which muscles you used, you can pay extra attention to them while stretching.

The stretching routine that will transform your mornings

Now that we know why it’s so important to stretch every day, it’s time to set aside 15 minutes every day. Weiner has made a quick and easy stretching routine that can be done anywhere and at any time, but is best done in the morning. He stretches each muscle one time and holds it for at least 20 seconds. And afterward, don’t forget to drink water.

Knee hugs

Bring your knees to your chest while lying down and hold them there. Then, let go of your knees just a little and circle your legs to help move your lower back before you stand up.

Spinal rotation

While lying down, keep your upper body facing up, bring one leg over to the opposite shoulder, and put the other arm flat on the floor.

Low lunge

Start in a lunge position with your left leg in front. Touch the ground with your right knee. He puts his left elbow on his left knee and turns his upper body to the right slowly. He brings his right arm back, holds the stretch for 20 seconds, and then does the same thing with the left arm.

Neck stretch

Just move your neck forward, back, and left to right. Even if you have a very busy morning, I’m sure you can find time to do this stretching routine.

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