NFL Streaming Sites are as well-liked abroad as everything else American. The National Football League (NFL) has the right to broadcast football games on its website, which it does. You can also watch the games via cable television. However, what about those who are unable to use both platforms or who wish to watch the games live for free? There are sites where you may watch NFL games for free.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top free NFL streaming sites that allow you to watch live NFL games online without downloading anything. There are numerous websites that allow you to stream NFL games for free, but not all of them are trustworthy.

Some NFL streaming websites are merely duplicates of others, and they may request personal or financial information. Instead of these sites, we advise you to utilize free NFL streaming sites that are 100 percent secure. We’ve evaluated a large number of sites where you can watch NFL games online and listed the best ones here.

What are NFL Streaming Sites?

NFL streaming sites are specifically websites or services that allow users to watch NFL games online. NBA and NFL are two prominent live sports streaming websites. In today’s hectic world, not everyone has time to watch a live game on television. However, sports enthusiasts cannot miss their favorite leagues.

Therefore, NFL live streaming websites are required. There are numerous types of websites on the Internet. Some are free, while others need payment. Some do not even require registration or sign-up to view their films.

Is It Safe to Use NFL Streaming Sites?

The security of websites where you can watch NFL games online depends on your familiarity with the site’s settings and specifics. You can watch your favorite sports online, but use caution when visiting these websites.

Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about using any of the NFL streaming sites on the above list, since they have all been vetted. If a website requests your banking information, do not provide it. They may be attempting to con you out of your money.

Top 25 Free NFL Streaming Sites for 2023

NFL Streaming Sites
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Here is a play-by-play of places where you may watch NFL games online for free. You must use a VPN to access these sites, whether for security or anonymity.

1. SportLemonTV – NFL Streaming Sites

SportLemonTV is a website where you can watch free online live TV feeds of various sporting events.

Football, hockey, tennis, basketball, NFL (American Football), and additional sports can be viewed.

Every time a new match is added, the schedule is altered.


  • It allows you to watch many sports, like American football, basketball, etc.
  • You can view the precise time that a sporting event will be accessible for viewing, allowing you to keep track of each event.
  • It contains connections to websites where NFL games can be viewed online.
  • It displays sporting events from numerous countries.


Must go is an excellent streaming platform for live NFL games.  Sports and television shows sites that are user-friendly and trustworthy. You won’t have to bother with obnoxious pop-up adverts because the streams open directly on the page.

Fans of sports will appreciate that USTVGO provides a TV and game schedule, so they do not need to be aware of the specifics of the broadcast before tuning in.

USTVGO does not only broadcast NFL games, of course. It contains 93 channels of American television, including TBS, TNT, the USA Network, and news networks such as MSNBC. This allows viewers to watch additional sports, like the NBA, NCAA basketball, and SEC football, among others.

Note: A VPN is required to access USTVGO’s streaming services. If you attempt to use it without a VPN, you will be redirected to the NordVPN website. If you wish to unblock geo-restricted content and encrypt your data while streaming so that your behavior cannot be traced back to you, a VPN is advised.


  • A list of games coming up on each channel
  • Few ads and pop-ups
  • Coverage of the NFL in its entirety


  • does not host content, so it is possible to stream it illegally.
  • You need a VPN to get to

3. 123TV – Best Free NFL Streaming Sites

123TV is a popular option for those who like to view sports for free. NFL fans are in luck because there is an entire subpage dedicated to free live streaming of NFL games. The interface is organized by channel rather than by program, so you do not need to know which station is broadcasting the NFL game.


  • It offers different kinds of entertainment from different TV channels.
  • It also lets you watch NFL games online for free from channels that are only available in the US.
  • With the peer-to-peer network, you can get the best possible stream quality.
  • You can also watch NFL (American Football) and other sports channels online.
  • Use this website to watch live streams of the news, TV shows, sports games, and other things.

4. Sports24

Sports24 is a website that provides a list of all the currently available online sports games. You may now watch NFL games for free.

This website allows you to watch the NFL, NBA, WWE, and any other sport you like.

On the homepage, there is a list of all NFL streaming sites that may be accessed immediately.


  • It has sports like basketball, American football, soccer, boxing, and more.
  • It has a simple website design that lets you get to your live sports streams quickly.
  • On this website, you can also watch a lot of live TV channels.
  • Live sports games and other TV channels can be streamed in HD quality.
  • You can look at the schedule of NFL games that you can watch as soon as they become available.

5. Your Sports Live

Additionally, the NFL may be viewed live on Your Sports Live. It offers free sports and television. This website provides a list of current sporting events that can be viewed as soon as they begin. Users can also view the constantly updated schedules of games that are currently in progress. It provides a broadcast of games from around the globe.

Your Sports Live’s homepage will include the most popular sporting events of the day. Additionally, users can converse with other fans while viewing the same games. Therefore, you should visit this website.


  • You can look at the schedules for different sports streaming games, which are updated often.
  • Sports games are not just from the United States, but also from other countries.
  • You can also see the status of each broadcast, such as whether it is live, not available, or has been put off.
  • Check out the list of popular sports events for today.
  • You can also talk to other people while you watch your favourite sports games.

6. Locast – Best Free NFL Streaming Sites

Locust is a web-based service that, depending on your location, allows you to watch local U.S. television stations online.

Therefore, if you live in the United States and wish to watch local TV channels online, you must use this service.

Local indicates which TV channels are available to stream based on your location.


  • In the United States, some local channels will show regular NFL games when they are on, so you can use this service to watch them online.
  • Most local TV stations will be available to stream online right away, and it’s easy to use.
  • The service uses your current location as the main piece of information to make a list of channels you can watch.
  • It’s available in most places in the US, but you might still not be able to use it in some places.
  • Since it’s run by a non-profit organization, it’s free for everyone to use.
  • It is one of the best places to watch the NFL online for free.

7. NFL Mobile Apps

The official NFL mobile apps are one of the most convenient methods to stream NFL postseason games online.

NFL mobile apps allow users to stream official American football games for free from anywhere on their smartphone or tablet. You can also learn a great deal about the NFL and American football in the United States.

The apps are available for both Android and iOS and augment the website.


  • Now Find out everything you need to know about the NFL from official sources that you can access anywhere.
  • Find information about American football, such as live games, highlights, news, and much more.
  • Most of the apps are free to use, so you can stay up to date on what’s going on in the NFL no matter where you are.
  • Primetime and local games are free to watch, and the video quality is the best.
  • It is also linked to the NFL GamePass and NFL RedZone services, so you can use these paid services right from the official apps.

8. Yahoo Sports App

Yahoo Sports App is an all-inclusive mobile application that enables you to view live NFL streaming sites for your favorite sports, such as basketball, American football, and soccer, among others.

It is connected to a lot of official streaming sources, so you need not worry about the Yahoo Sports App’s service quality.

It is compatible with Apple and Android devices, and it augments the Yahoo Sports homepage.


  • You can find a lot of information about different sports that are popular in the U.S. and around the world.
  • It gives you access to free content right from the app.
  • You can also find the latest scores, highlights, interviews, and other news about your favourite sports.
  • You can also watch a lot of original videos on the go through the app.
  • And you can win real money by entering contests on a regular basis.

9. StreamNFL

As its name suggests, StreamNFL attracts fans looking for live broadcasts of the whole NFL season. You may view future matches for all games of the week, regardless of market, on the site. No account is required to join up; just click and go.

There is even a section on the website that arranges games by clubs, so they’ve already done the legwork to assist you locate matches for your favorite team. In addition to NFL Network, the website provides live broadcasts of MLB, Nascar, and WWE.

The site’s disclaimer clarifies that StreamNFL does not host the information on its page, so it is always possible to be directed to dead links, illegal streams, or sign-up pages. If you believe you may inadvertently access an illegal stream or encounter suspicious pop-up windows, a reliable VPN will shield you from prying eyes.


  • On the site, you can see when the next matches are, and the schedules are often changed to reflect public events.
  • Find out about the different NFL clubs that are available today.
  • On this site, you can also see how things stand right now.
  • You can get to the live streams through a number of channels and links.
  • There are also other sports to watch, which you can stream for free on this site.

10. BatmanStream- NFL Streaming Sites

It enables live streaming of American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, and other sports.

The user can save and share their favorite streams with a single click.


  • You can find a free NFL live stream that doesn’t require you to sign up. This stream is updated often.
  • Use the live chat feature to talk to other users in real-time.
  • You can watch NFL for free and get updates often.
  • Stream HD-quality NFL games.
  • You can watch sports games from all over the world, not just from the United States.

11. NFLWebcast

NFLWebcast contains all pertinent information regarding the NFL. The clubs are displayed in the banner atop the homepage. When the game is in progress, you can access the live stream by clicking on the logo of your favorite team. The homepage is organized by week, with each NFL game and its time prominently displayed.

This website offers free, standard-definition game streaming without registration. If you desire HD streams, you will be directed to a registration page.

Remember that NFLWebcast does not host the content, thus you will be redirected to other websites.


  • The whole point of this service is to let you watch the NFL online for free.
  • On this site, you can watch different NFL games in HD.
  • From this site, you can get to every NFL game in every area.
  • You can record a game and then watch it later when you are not online.
  • On this site, you can learn about each NFL team.

12. FirstRowSports

On their website, FirstRowSports provides a list of all the sports matches that are immediately available for viewing.

You can watch whatever sport you choose, including soccer, NFL football, basketball, baseball, racing, and more, as the schedules are displayed on the homepage.


  • There are many links to each live NFL streaming site free no sign-up that you can use to make sure that all streams are always available.
  • Schedules for all sports are always being updated as soon as they are made public.
  • You can also look at the standings for your favourite sports by looking at the live scores.
  • It shows sports games from the United States and other places.
  • On this site, you can find links to NFL streams from official sources and from ESPN.

13. Stream2Watch

On the Stream2Watch website, NFL games may be viewed via live TV feeds. In the past, Stream2Watch’s streaming links have been extremely dependable and of high quality. You must create a free account to access them.

Unlike some of the other sites we have highlighted, Stream2Watch aggregates links from other websites and services. If a website does not host its own content, you may encounter broken links or be directed to an unlicensed NFL stream.

Even though there are occasionally bothersome advertisements and faulty links, the site is still a decent option because it offers NFL streaming sites of great quality. You can also watch cricket, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and boxing.


  • You can search for any NFL games you want to watch to see if they have NFL live streams.
  • The live sports games on the site will be updated based on when the official event is.
  • You can watch upcoming NFL games as soon as they are officially announced.
  • It talks about many sports, like American football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and many more.
  • You can also watch live TV channels online if you want to watch them as they happen.

14. VIPBox Sports

The VIP Row sports website is the greatest location to watch free NFL games online. This website’s user interface is all on making things simple for visitors to utilize. In addition to the NFL, you can also watch live streaming of baseball, football, handball, and basketball. This is why so many sports lovers enjoy this website.

VIP Row has a unique feature that allows users to both view live sports videos and upload their own sports videos. A negative aspect of this website is the presence of pop-up advertisements during live broadcasting. However, if it bothers you more, you can use an ad blocker. This website also functions with a sluggish Internet connection.


  • It shows games from many different sports and countries, not just the United States.
  • You don’t have to download any apps or sign up for a subscription service to watch NFL online for free on this site.
  • You can also watch live broadcasts of US and UK TV channels on this site.
  • Then you can also use this website to watch some of your favourite TV shows.
  • Besides the NFL, it covers golf, badminton, volleyball, handball, and a lot of other sports.

15. 720p NFL Streaming Sites

20p Stream is a service that provides links to live sporting events that may be viewed online for free.

On the homepage of this website, there is a list of events that can be streamed today and sports games that can be streamed later. It allows you to view sports streams including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and more.


  • Each sport can be streamed in HD, and the links are usually available 24/7.
  • This site lets you watch live sports games from leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, MMA, NCAAF, and NCAAM.
  • You can use the links on this site to get to the stream channels whenever you want.
  • Any new sports events will be able to be streamed as soon as they are shown live on TV.
  • You can watch your favourite NFL games and chat with other users at the same time.
  • It is one of the best places to watch the NFL online for free.

16. Twitch – NFL Streaming Sites

Twitch is a well-known live streaming channel that broadcasts video games, music, sports, and other content.

On this platform, you may view live streams, clips, and highlights from your favorite NFL games on NFL-specific channels.

NFL games are frequently broadcast on Twitch through the official NFL channel.


  • You don’t have to sign up to watch NFL live streams when they become available.
  • You can also talk to the streamer directly or join the live chat to talk about the game.
  • Most of the time, it’s on the official NFL channel, but you might also find it on other NFL channels.
  • You can see when the next streams will happen if you want to join them.
  • It also has video clips and highlights of NFL games from the past.

17. ESPN

ESPN is one of the greatest free sites to watch live NFL games. You may watch practically any live sporting event on this site, although the emphasis is on football and anime streaming sites without advertisements. It has high-quality material that can be viewed through internet providers such as Sling TV, Cox, Hulu, and Verizon, as well as through TVs that are compatible with the program.

ESPN provides free services such as scores, highlights, news, analysis, and commentary in addition to live streaming. You can also watch rare events such as MMA, horse racing, WWE, and e-sports on this website. However, their most popular sports are basketball, tennis, and football. Thus, you should definitely visit this website.

18. Hotstar

When discussing sports, we cannot overlook Hotstar. This is one of the best online locations to watch NFL games. It is an Indian-based subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Hotstar’s primary focus is on television shows and films, but it also includes a respectable sports section. Typically, discussions revolve around football, cricket, and hockey.

Hoststar is not entirely free, and you must pay if you wish to watch sports on it. You can still access its content through a VPN or proxy, even though it is not accessible everywhere and in some locations. If you enjoy sports, you should visit this website immediately.

19. YouTube NFL Channel

The NFL has an official YouTube account where they post videos of the most recent NFL games. This will allow you to remain current with the National Football League, or NFL.

You may view interviews, highlights, finest moments, video clips, and other information on American football on the official YouTube NFL Channel.

When NFL games are available, the station may also live-stream them.


  • The channel has everything you need to know about the NFL or American Football.
  • It also links to channels that talk about different parts of the NFL.
  • It might stream live NFL games as soon as they become available.
  • You can watch videos with highlights, predictions, best moments, and other information about upcoming and current NFL games.
  • You can also watch NFL games, including the best games of all time, online for free.

20. NFLBites

NFL Bites was created by the same guys who created r/NFLStreams. About a half-hour before the game begins, the site’s trustworthy streams go live, and there is a list of them to pick from. If one of them ceases to function, you will have many more possibilities.

For these games, people from all around the world create their own NFL streaming websites.

Even though the website claims that its streamers are carefully selected and vetted, there is no way to be certain that you will be safe and secure online. Although the homepage is secure, you may choose to acquire a VPN before streaming NFL games. Even a free VPN is preferable to having none.


  • On this site, you can find information about the upcoming NFL games.
  • You can also watch the live NFL games that are on right now for free.
  • Check out the tweets that NFL people like players, clubs, teams, and more have sent out.
  • It also has links to the NCAA and NFL RedZone.
  • There are also live scores for NFL games, and they are updated frequently.
  • The NFL can be watched live online for free.

21. CrackStreams

CrackStreams allows users to stream live NFL, NBA, XFL, and NCAAF games online. On the website’s homepage, the dates of the upcoming NFL games are displayed.

Additionally, you can join the site’s Discord server to discuss your favorite sports and other topics.


  • On the site, you can find out when NFL games are coming up.
  • You can also use this site to get to the NFL Network and RedZone.
  • It lets you watch the NFL live stream for free online, as well as basketball, boxing, soccer, and more.
  • Stream links are direct and easy to use, with few pop-ups and other distractions.
  • The site’s Discord server can be used for live chats.

22. BuffStreams

Buffstreams is an intuitive streaming website. At the top of the webpage, you can click Live Now to see what games are currently being played or select Upcoming to see what games are scheduled for that day.

You can do a sport-specific search by clicking any of the symbols. BuffStreams provides live streams for numerous sports, such as the NFL, UFC, WWE, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, and boxing.

You can see broadcasts in regular quality on the website, but if you wish to view them in high definition (HD), you will be directed to a registration window. If you wish to view in standard, you may be need to disable your ad blocker and enable cookies.

Best 125 Free NFL Live Streaming Alternatives in 2023

  1. SSportStream
  2. 12th Player
  3. FirstRowSports
  4. Stream2Watch
  5. ATDHE
  6. SportP2P
  7. AceStreams
  8. Sports365
  9. CricFree12thplayer
  10. MamaHD
  12. NFLBite
  13. FootyBite
  14. Time4TV
  15. Sports RAR TV
  16. SportLemon
  17. Fox Sports Go
  18. NFL Mobile App
  19. ESPN+
  20. ESPN Live
  21. Offside Stream
  22. MLB TV
  23. Stream2U
  24. First Row Sports
  25. Visiwig
  26. Hotstar Sports
  27. Time for TV
  28. Acestream
  29. SportzTube
  30. Cricfree
  31. SportSurge
  32. Crackstreams
  33. Bufferstreams
  34. ESPN3
  35. DAZN
  36. Watch Live Sports
  37. Feed2All
  38. Streamcomando
  39. StreamHunter
  40. StreamWoop
  41. Stream Commando
  42. Daddylive. live
  43. Volokit. com
  44. Navscore
  45. LiverpoolFC
  46. Ussoccer
  47. SoccerStreams
  48. Football-Highlights
  49. Soccercirclejerk
  50. Taraftar TV
  51. Vola Sports
  52. Slipstream Tv
  53. JioTV
  54. Ac-Milan 
  56. Sport365
  57. StopStream
  58. OffsideStreams
  59. Ling TV
  60. YouTube TV
  61. Redstreams
  62. Sky Sports
  63. VIPRow Sports
  64. CricHD Live
  65. LiveTV
  66. Red Bull TV
  67. Hulu
  68. Joker Live Stream
  69. NBC Sports
  70. Facilprintsl
  71. StopStream TV
  72. Hesgoal
  73. Total Sportek
  74. ESPN Sports
  75. Grandmastreams
  76. BuffStream
  77. 25taraftarium24
  79. Vidgo 
  80. BossCast
  82. FromSport
  85. 123sport
  90. Sling TV
  91. YouTube TV
  92. FuboTV
  93. FirstRowSports
  94. Stream2Watch
  95. SportStream
  96. Wiziwig
  97. Redstreams
  98. SportP2P
  99. ATDHE
  100. Sports365
  101. CricFree
  102. VIPRow Sports
  103. VIPLeague
  104. LiveTV
  105. Laola1
  106. Hulu
  107. MamaHD
  108. Joker Live Stream
  109. SportSurge
  110. FuboTV
  111. VIPBoxTV
  112. StopStream TV
  113. Hesgoal
  114. Total Sportek
  115. Jio Tv
  116.  Sportp2p
  117.  BuffStream
  118.  BatManStream
  119.  Ac-Milan
  120.  25taraftarium24
  121.  Streamhunter
  122. RedStream
  123.  StrikeOut

Channels that Broadcast NFL Streaming Sites

These NFL streaming sites offer access to American television networks. Thursday Night Football, Sunday Day Games, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football are available on several sports channels.

When you visit these websites to watch the NFL, you can access live NFL streaming using the following channels:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • CBS Sports
  • NBC Sports
  • FOX Sports 1
  • FOX Sports 2
  • The NFL Network
  • NFL RedZone

How to Get a Free VPN for NFL Streaming Sites?

You may now choose to not only watch free football games online but also utilize a VPN. In any event, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice if you need a reliable VPN service. It has existed for a very long time and has always performed excellent work. It can reassure you about the security of websites where you can watch free NFL games. How so?

  • First, choose a plan for ExpressVPN that you are happy with.
  • You can pay for the subscription with a credit card, PayPal, or digital currency.
  • Get the ExpressVPN app, install it, and run it.
  • Easy access to NFL free streaming sites.
  • You have 30 days to cancel your subscription and ask for a refund.
  • Get the money back.

The catch is that ExpressVPN provides you 30 days to request a refund if you’re not satisfied. Therefore, if you sign up and pay for a subscription, you can request a refund within 30 days. As long as you request a refund during this timeframe, you can watch NFL games for free.

Using a VPN to Live Stream NFL Games

Need a VPN for security or to access prohibited American content? Here is how to utilize one for live streaming.

  • Get a VPN that is known for live sports streaming. We can recommend NordVPN if you want to watch the NFL. This service is well-known for its lightning-fast American servers, reliable connections, and top-notch security protocols.
  • Sign up for an account and download the VPN to the device you want to watch NFL games on. NordVPN works on laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and SmartTVs.
  • Sign in with the account information you made when you signed up.
  • Connect to a server in the U.S. There are many options at NordVPN.
  • You can watch all the NFL hits you can handle on any of the above platforms.

Why did Reddit ban NFL Streams?

According to Reddit’s guidelines, those who have been accused of copyright violations many times must deactivate their accounts. If only one person has broken the rules, Reddit can usually simply close that individual’s account. If a subreddit’s entire community is implicated in a problem, the subreddit is shut down. This impacted more than simply viewers of Thursday Night Football. In addition, the NBA as a whole was affected. NBA live broadcasts were also pulled offline for violating copyright regulations.


Free NFL Streaming Websites demonstrate how to view NFL networks without cable or other paid subscriptions. This post will discuss the most effective websites and platforms. It then discusses how VPNs protect you when using any of the free websites to watch NFL games. ExpressVPN has been a dependable option for this purpose at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NFL Streaming Sites

Where can I watch NFL online for free?

The Yahoo Sports application is your best bet. You can only watch Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football games on your mobile device. This is in addition to the games available at your local market.

Can I watch NFL online?

You may watch NFL games online in a variety of ways. You may view prime-time NFL games via the NFL Network or the Yahoo Sports app on your mobile device for free. If you want more channels, check out cord-cutting alternatives such as FuboTV, YouTube TV, or Sling TV.

How can I stream all NFL games?

The NFL Network has the most online NFL game coverage of any website. SlingTV and FuboTV, two online TV services that do not require a cable subscription, also broadcast the majority of NFL games. If you wish to learn how to utilize free streaming websites, please read our complete post.

Is it legal to stream NFL games?

As long as you do not violate copyright laws, you should be alright. Streaming NFL games is entirely legal if you can locate a network with a streaming package.

Why were Reddit NFL streams r/nflstreams banned?

Around Week 5 of the NFL season, r/nflstreams was shut down due to copyright issues. Since they now hold the rights, this activity is illegal as it constitutes piracy.

How to watch NFL Games for Free?

There are ways to watch NFL games for free, but doing so has dangers. There are websites that provide free NFL games, but they may install malicious software on your computer.

What is the best option to stream NFL games?

That is solely up to you. CBS, FOX, and NBC are available on the majority of streaming sites. For those who liked Reddit NFL live streaming, SportsSurge is comparable.

Which sites are not safe?

Crackstreams and buffstreams can cause computer damage. These sites can send you to other websites and may trick you into installing malicious software.

What is NFLbite?

There is a website called NFLBite where free NFL games can be viewed. NFL Bite should be visited with caution because to the inherent dangers of free services.

How to Stream NFL Games on Reddit?

Visit Reddit and search for any subreddit topic that discusses NFL Streams, NFL Streams, r/nflstreams, or Reddit NFL Streams. There are several subreddits, however many of them have recently been blocked.

What is the best NFL Streaming Site?

YoutubeTV is the greatest option to stream the NFL and over 85 other live TV networks, in our opinion. Eliminate your cable subscription and pay a fair fee to view live TV on any device.

What free NFL Streaming Sites are there?

There are many free websites where you can watch NFL games online, such as NFLbite, Bilasport, Crackstreams, and Buffstreams. Most of them are illegal, thus we do not recommend using any of them.

NFL Streams Reddit Replacement?

NFLbite is the finest alternative to Reddit for NFL game streaming. NFLbite is created by the same guys who created /r/NFLStreams.

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