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Microsoft Office 2021 Release with Windows 11

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 will be available to consumers on October 5, according to the Redmond corporation. The release date for the next consumer edition of Microsoft Office coincides with that of Windows 11, which is also scheduled for the same date. Unlike Microsoft 365, which offers a cloud-based work experience, Office 2021 is a one-time purchase that provides Office...

Apple may Discontinue iPhone 11 after Launch of iPhone 14


iPhone 11, which was released in 2019, may be phased out soon. According to recent speculations, Apple may halt manufacture of the iPhone 11 after the release of the iPhone 14, which is expected in September this year. However, there has been no confirmation of the discontinuation date as of yet. In India, the iPhone 11 will be available...

TikTok is Limiting Kids to 40 Minutes a Day in China

Chinese version of TikTok

The Chinese version of TikTok is adding a "teenage mode" that will limit youngsters under the age of 14 to 40 minutes per day on the short-form video app. According to a statement issued by Beijing-based ByteDance on Saturday, the policy would apply to all Douyin users under the age of 14 who have registered for the app using their...

How to Wear Wedding Dress on the Beach in Autumn?

Beach wedding

A beach wedding is a great place to show off your style and skills. Men, on the other hand, are often scared of this kind of event because they don't know what to wear. We might think that to look great at a beach wedding, we have to give up comfort and, most importantly, freshness, but this isn't true....

All You Need to Know about Transformers: Rise of the Beasts


Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is the 7th movie in a series that began in 2007 when Michael Bay hired Shia LaBeouf to play a teenager whose life changes drastically when she finds out that he and a group of alien robots that can change their appearance to look like ordinary cars are the key to saving humanity. That movie...

3 Mind Mapping Tips and Tricks for Remote Teams


Remote work came into spotlight for the first time in the 90s of the last century. One could often hear the motto that “work is something you do, not something you travel to” and it was thought to be the future in order to reduce traffic jams, to give people more free time and so on. As more and more...

‘Recently Played’ Widget Feature in YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has apparently been updated with a Recently Played widget for Android 12 handsets, which includes play and pause controls as well as a like button. The widget is believed to be accessible on the most recent version of YouTube Music, and it functions similarly to music widgets on iOS. According to the source, users would be able...

Flipkart, Walmart Invest $145 Million in Online Grocery

Flipkart, Walmart

Ninjacart, a fresh produce supply chain company, has raised $145 million from Flipkart and its US-based parent, Walmart Inc, in the largest deal in India's agriculture market, according to the Indian e-commerce firm. Flipkart is investing in Ninjacart for the third time. It made an undisclosed investment in the Bengaluru-based business in 2019 and then pumped another $30 million into...

7-time F1 World Champion Receives Knighthood

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, was knighted at a ceremony in Windsor Castle just days after losing a titanic battle for the world title to Max Verstappen. When Hamilton won his 7th Formula One world title in 2020, he equalled Michael Schumacher's long-standing record as part of the Queen's New Years Honours list, he was named...

How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories [Best Guide 2021]


Instagram is a popular social media network for sharing work-related links as well as interesting articles and tales. Influencers and artists frequently utilise links to encourage their followers to visit their online work, promote other brands, or promote products. Instagram used to provide a "Swipe Up" option for adding links to Instagram Stories, however that has now been replaced...