Remote work came into spotlight for the first time in the 90s of the last century. One could often hear the motto that “work is something you do, not something you travel to” and it was thought to be the future in order to reduce traffic jams, to give people more free time and so on.

As more and more people had access to high-speed internet, remote work became more and more popular and widespread. However, nothing affected the flexible workplace like the coronavirus pandemic. Then all the companies that could do that allowed their employees to work from the safety of their home. And mind mapping software is one of the key tools that allows remote teams to be productive. In this article, you can learn more about mind mapping tips and tricks.

What is mind mapping software?

If you have not come across mind mapping software so far, we will first briefly explain to you exactly what it is and how it works. Mind mapping software is often referred to as concept mapping software and serves to make it easier for you to present your ideas on a particular topic in a digital environment.

It allows you to create illustrations where you show the central idea and everything related to it. Software provides you with the chance to understand the hierarchy and relationships between different ideas. That is why it is a key tool for all remote teams, because brainstorming without this software would be very difficult.

Tips and tricks for remote teams

  1. Group brainstorming

Before a pandemic, when you encounter a commercial, technical or other problem, you and your teammates gather in a meeting room and then brainstorming is what will help you.

Now that you are all at home, brainstorming becomes much more complicated, because it is slow to do it via email, and even Skype and similar software. But mind mapping software is ideal for brainstorming. Create diagrams, suggest to each other what you think needs to be done and come to a solution very quickly. A quick and easy exchange of ideas and opinions is most important.

  1. Summarize

Whether you are part of a small remote team or a large company, you surely know how important it is to summarize ideas. Whether these are your ideas or someone else needs to present their ideas to you, you have to summarize key ideas so that everyone fully understands what the next steps are. Also, by summarizing key ideas, it is possible for someone to more easily notice what is missing and to improve the whole project. Mind maps are very useful for summarizing key ideas. When you have visual reference points, then it is easy to perform the most important. It will also save you time.

  1. Develop team spirit

What is definitely a downside of a flexible workplace is reduced contact with colleagues and thus less connection between people. Mind mapping software also includes live chat, real-team collaboration, file sharing and all other things that practically simulate a regular workplace.


If we look at the statistics from 2019, less than 10 percent of the world’s population worked from home. And then during the pandemic we got to over 50 percent. Although some number of employees will return to their offices once the pandemic is over, it is certain that the vast majority will continue to work remotely. Because the pandemic has shown us that working from home has a lot of benefits without productivity declining. That’s why mind mapping software is something that will be used a lot in the years to come and you should try to get the most out of this great tool.

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