Microsoft Teams has released a remedy for the deadly flaw that prevents Android users from dialing 911, and you should update it right away. Mishaal Rahman, a senior technical editor at Esper, notes that Microsoft has fixed the issue in an update for the Teams app in his Medium examination of the problem.

When a Reddit user noticed the flaw while trying to phone 911 from their Pixel 3, Google responded with an explanation. The problem is caused by an “unintended interaction” between the Android operating system and the Teams app, according to the company. Users who have the Teams app installed but aren’t signed in are affected only if their device runs Android 10 or later. However, Google still advises all Android 10 and higher users to uninstall Teams.

If you didn’t manage to uninstall Teams, make sure you update it as soon as possible. Rahman claims that version 1416/ fixes the problem, which he discovered was caused by the Android operating system’s PhoneAccount class, which allows apps to make and receive phone calls. Many Android apps with a calling feature will create a PhoneAccount instance, but Teams was creating too many when the user accessed the app while not signed in.

The new version, according to Rahman, does not create multiple PhoneAccount instances and, when launched, clears any previously-built PhoneAccount instances. On January 4th, Google aims to provide an update for Android, which should assist to resolve any issues that have arisen on its end. The upgraded version of Microsoft Teams is available for download from the Google Play Store.

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