With the advent of technological advancements on a daily basis, cloud computing is among the latest technologies that are growing rapidly. As per Oracle’s cloud predictions, “80% of all enterprise (and critical to mission) tasks will be transferred to the cloud in 2025”. Cloud computing’s primary benefit computing provides the ability to store and share information in the cloud. 

Today, more people are interested in using cloud computing. They are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing, such as storage, sharing, and accessing their information from any place in the world. The principal reason for the rapid growth of cloud computing is value and accessibility.

Cloud computing is among the biggest industries that generate billions in annual revenue, with hundreds of thousands of jobs to be had. Numerous major companies offer distinct cloud services to customers around the world, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure — with 29% of the application workload in the global cloud market.

If you want to make a profession within cloud computing, the majority of cloud service providers provide pathways to careers and certifications; however, Microsoft Azure is a single cloud service provider offering roles-based certifications that are created in accordance with the needs of the market and the roles that are available. In light of the widespread popularity by users of Microsoft Azure cloud services, Microsoft Azure certified professionals are in high demand to develop cloud-based applications and oversee cloud-based infrastructures.

We’ll go over the top 10 reasons you should become a Microsoft Azure certified professional. No matter if you’re starting out in your career or an experienced Microsoft specialist, Edureka offers certification learning paths starting from the basics to advanced.

1. Career flexibility

Microsoft Azure certifications are essential when you are looking to make a profession in cloud computing. Furthermore, it gives you a range of options for career advancement. Microsoft Azure certification can help you secure reputable jobs like cloud administrator, developers, security engineers, AI engineer solutions architects as well as engineers in DevOps. Microsoft Azure offers nine role-based certifications that do not just increase your flexibility in the job you’re in but also in the industry you’re working in.

2. More lucrative salaries

Another reason to be Microsoft Azure certified is the more lucrative salaries and greater recognition in the marketplace. As a Microsoft Azure certified professional, your credentials represent the expertise that you possess. Due to the increased need for cloud computing experts, you can earn higher compensation packages across the globe when compared to other IT areas.

According to the report on salaries of ZipRecruiter, the median Azure Developer earns $131,838 a year, while the typical Azure architect earns $144,866 a year. The salary is able to be increased over time as you complete the necessary courses to be a senior Azure qualified professional.

The range of salaries varies in different regions and regions of the globe. The median salary for the Microsoft Azure certified professional starts at $40,914 and reaches $172,170 annually for most senior positions.

3. Learning in a structured way

The systematic learning method used for obtaining Microsoft Azure certifications leads you to become familiar with various tools. Candidates will find a variety of tools like Hadoop, GitHub, Eclipse, and many more. Those are simple to learn, and new candidates are able to easily adjust to the Azure platform and services with ease and ease.

The most important thing is that new candidates are able to improve their Azure learning and career paths by completing a quicker, more efficient learning process. Numerous online resources, including ebooks, tutorials, and classes, are available to help you understand the theoretical and practical aspects of Azure services. Edureka offers a Microsoft Azure Training Library, which teaches the theory of technical expertise, as well as practice in the hands to be certified in Azure services.

4. Progressive career development

Microsoft Azure is one of the most renowned cloud service providers. They offer twelve Azure roles-based certifications in line with market demands. When you are able to earn any of the Azure roles-based certifications that you will be able to ensure the advancement of your career and be recognized in the marketplace. Today, the majority of companies are embracing Azure cloud services, and there is a growing demand for Microsoft Azure certified professionals.

Azure certifications provide a wide variety of professional tracks, which include Azure administrator developer, architect security engineer, AI engineer, Data scientist, data scientist, and data engineer, which allows you to become a top cloud expert in the marketplace. There are now six million+ government employees employing Azure cloud-based services. If you are a Microsoft Azure certified professional, you are more likely to find an employment opportunity in the government sector.

5. A vital asset for any company

With a proven track record with Azure, You could become an invaluable asset for your business and boost growth. Microsoft Azure certifications can help you reap the benefits of profitability that come from using the Azure cloud-based environment. With the pay-as-you-go feature, you will be able to assist your business in reducing IT expenses and avoid having to pay for additional expenses.

As compared to other cloud-based services on the market, Azure offers a comprehensive connection between data centers on-premises and cloud computing, and particularly small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) benefit from the advantages of hosting their infrastructure completely in the cloud.

6. More secure offerings

More secure offerings are possible by obtaining Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification that prepares for a job for the Azure Security Engineer. As an Azure security engineer for Microsoft Azure security engineer, you will be accountable for the management and security of cloud-based solutions. You can be able to secure hybrid cloud services as part of an entire infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure offers one of the most secure techniques, and security tools are known as”the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), which guarantees total security and protection of the applications and services hosted on Azure. Microsoft Azure has also achieved an ISO 27018 certification, recognized by the European authorities responsible for data protection to ensure cloud privacy. This lets companies concentrate on the development of their applications and other essential business functions instead of stressing about the safety of users’ personal data and other information stored on Azure.

7. Improved integration better integration .NET platform

.NET is a completely free open-source, cross-platform, and cross-platform developer platform developed by Microsoft. It’s among the most popular programming platforms where hundreds and thousands of developers have access to this coding language that allows for the creation of many kinds of software. It allows for unique integration for Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure without a complex procedure as everything is controlled by Microsoft and an enormous community that is willing to help.

With the help of the community, this has turned into the preferred service of many users because they now have the ability to create sophisticated applications and use Azure cloud service. Integration with the .NET platform is among the major advantages of Azure for programmers comfortable working with and working with the .NET platform. This allows them to concentrate on developing their apps instead of looking for various cloud services that integrate with their programming platform.

8. Engagement

If you’re serious about learning about Microsoft Azure, you must increase your knowledge and undergo a number of steps to be Microsoft Azure certified. In order to achieve your goal and keep your commitment to it, we recommend enrolling yourself on the Microsoft Azure certification learning path and then learning thoroughly. The certification you obtain is an extremely important credential not only on your resume but for your professional life.

Achieving Microsoft Azure certification indicates that you’re committed to putting in your time and energy in order to meet a certain goal. These attributes are highly sought-after from top companies and can help you advance your career in the future. It will open the door to more job opportunities and allow you to distinguish yourself from the vast crowd.

9. Clause of the Enterprise Agreement

The clause in the enterprise agreement helps companies develop applications that use Microsoft Azure and is a way to obtain Microsoft tools and other products at a discounted price when using Azure cloud services. Azure cloud service. By utilizing this clause, businesses can make the most of Microsoft’s services. As a Microsoft Azure certified professional, you will have an exciting job that will connect you to sixty million prospective Microsoft customers. You can sign up with a company that will showcase the skills that you’ve acquired in training and certification—Microsoft Azure training and certification process.

10. Improve DevOps skills

One of the newest technologies within technology in the IT area is DevOps. It’s a method of operation that combines operation and development services. They are combined to offer solutions to clients. DevOps connects people technology, processes, and processes together to offer valuable solutions and products that fulfill business requirements.

With DevOps capabilities, you will be able to provide cloud-based services, such as designing and implementing strategies for creating software, automating the process, and monitoring cloud environments along with continuous service delivery.

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