Everyone’s lifestyle has been totally affected as a result of the work-from-home circumstance. Many people have become more prone to stiffness and body discomfort as a result of spending more time on the couch and less time doing physical activities. Rujuta Diwekar, a nutritionist, addressed the problem and offered solutions in the shape of modest training routines that could be done while at work. She performed a few exercises for the lower body, including the knees, legs, and feet. Rujuta also mentioned in an Instagram post that these exercises will help with back and ankle discomfort.

These stretches can help you strengthen your lower body muscles

It is recommended that you stand up for at least 3 minutes after every 30 minutes of sitting.

Stretch Your Toes:

Sitting for lengthy periods of time causes our legs to stiffen. Stretching the toes as far as possible is recommended for optimal relaxation.

Stretch your toes upwards while keeping the flat area of your feet flat on the ground.

Rujuta Diwekar illustrated how we can stretch our legs at home by stretching our toes totally against a wall. With her back pushed out, she grasped the wall and stretched her toes completely.

Rujuta had also prescribed three stretches to relieve back discomfort a few months ago. She claims that these stretches are simple to include into one’s regular practise. She wrote in the caption, “On the bed, there are three simple stretches you can do. Either first thing in the morning or right before bedtime. Lower back stiffness, knee pain, and varicose veins can all benefit from this treatment.” To learn more about the three stretches, go here.

Rujuta Diwekar’s advice can help you stay healthy during the epidemic. With the work-from-home lifestyle here to stay for the foreseeable future, these tips can help contribute to mental and physical well-being.


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