Instagram is a popular social media network for sharing work-related links as well as interesting articles and tales. Influencers and artists frequently utilise links to encourage their followers to visit their online work, promote other brands, or promote products. Instagram used to provide a “Swipe Up” option for adding links to Instagram Stories, however that has now been replaced by Instagram Stickers. Users could now add links to their Instagram Stories from anywhere. It’s no longer restricted to the page’s bottom.

What is the best way to add links to Instagram Stories?

Instagram does not allow all users to include links in their stories. Only those with more than 10,000 Instagram followers, a verified account, or who represent a well-known company are permitted to include links in their Instagram Stories. Instagram is likely enforcing these ceiling limits to prevent misinformation and the proliferation of erroneous connections on the network. If you fit into the above-mentioned category for link button access, below are the simple procedures to adding a link to your Instagram Story. It’s crucial to emphasise that while sharing links with their audiences, people must use caution. Verify that the link is genuine and that it is not a phishing or spam link.

  1. To upload an Instagram Story, open Instagram on your phone and swipe left.
  2. Add your photo or video and customise it to your liking.
  3. Swipe up to open the editing tray, and next to Poll, a Link option (a chain icon) should appear.
  4. Then paste the URL you wish to share with your followers into the box.
  5. To make followers aware of the link before they click, a portion of it will appear in the sticker on your article.
  6. The sticker can be placed anywhere on the Instagram Story.
  7. By selecting the Share to option, you can publish your tale. Everyone who sees your Instagram Story will be able to click on the link.