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3 Ways to Separate your Professional life from your Personal Life

How to Separate Your Professional and Private Life

If you don't keep your work life and your private life separate, it can hurt your health and your relationships with other people. A study published in the Journal of Occupation Health and Psychology found that people who are stressed may "carry it over" into their immediate environment, which may include their families, coworkers, or even friends. Another paper...

Imposter Syndrome: 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Imposter Syndrome

You might have imposter syndrome if you constantly feel like a fraud, even in situations where you usually do well. 1 Imposter syndrome can make you feel restless and nervous, and you might talk badly to yourself. Imposter syndrome is often accompanied by signs of anxiety and depression. Imposter syndrome is not a mental illness that can be diagnosed. Instead,...

US Eases Covid Travel for India. Know the Travel Guidelines

US travel guideline for India

The pandemic, which began two years ago, has resulted in several travel and daily living limitations. China and certain regions of Europe are seeing a new surge in cases, headed by the BA.2 type of Omicron, raising new concerns about the global spike in infections. Shanghai, China, is currently the worst-affected city, with over 4,400 cases reported. India, on...

Toxic Habits that Make You Mentally Weak

mentally sick

Nobody wants to be mentally fragile, so it is necessary to alter certain behaviors. We all have toxic habits that need to be changed; these can be in relationships, at work, or with the family. The problem is that some of these behaviors can erode mental fortitude and impede achievement in any endeavor. Mental toughness is important for a variety of...

What Exactly is Busy Life Syndrome? Four Ways to Recognize It

What is busy life syndrome?

Can't concentrate? A bad memory? demotivation? If you have these symptoms and a busy life, you may have busy life syndrome, a mental disorder caused by a busy life and the constant overload of information you get, especially from your phone. Next, we look at where the research on the "busy life syndrome" came from in a world of "voracious...

Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Fasting during Ramadan 2022

Ramadan 2022

The holy month of Ramadan has arrived, and for Muslims all over the world, fasting during this time is extremely important. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk during Ramadan in order to grow spiritually and draw closer to God. Fasting throughout Ramadan has also been shown to improve health and rid the body of hazardous pollutants. However, eating large...

8 Coffee Extraction Methods that are Easy to Use

Coffee Irritate the Stomach

Coffee extraction methods are procedures for making this energizing and delectable beverage with varying flavors, textures, and affects on the person consuming it. This is due to the fact that coffee is a beverage that is made by extracting the flavors of roasted coffee beans, a procedure that varies widely from case to case. Culinary professionals and coffee enthusiasts are...

How to Look Younger than You are?

man look younger

Before we talk about the habits that make you look younger, we want to make it clear that this article is not about how to look 10 or 20 years younger by magic. In fact, we could be sure that this is impossible. Even if we have cosmetic surgery or inject active ingredients that go deep into the skin,...

Beat the Heat with Delicious Aam Panna in Summer


Come summer, the king of fruits takes over with a plethora of delectable recipes created with both raw and ripe mango. While those with a sweet tooth swear by a sweet and creamy mango shake to combat the heat, others who prefer spicy and sour foods find relief in Aam Panna, which is made of raw mango and mint...

Do Facial Exercises Really Prevent Wrinkles? Know Here

Simple SkinCare Tips for Men

Do you want to avoid wrinkles on your face? We will all get older, and it will show on our skin at some point. However, experts say that there are some exercises that really work and can help reduce the look of wrinkles or even make you look younger for a little longer. "Wrinkles" are the lines and folds that...