Instagram won’t stop supporting photos, but because it wants to focus on videos, users will soon be able to upload photos in the ultra-tall format, which is basically the 9:16 ratio. In a couple of weeks, the tests for the so-called photo-sharing platform will begin.

Adam Mosseri told the group about this change during the weekly Q&A session. “On Instagram, you can have tall videos, but not tall photos,” Mosseri said. “So we thought that maybe we should treat them both the same.”

This update probably doesn’t come as a surprise, especially if you’ve been keeping up with Instagram’s changes. Mosseri has said that the platform will now focus on videos and only keep a small part of the product for photos. This is why Instagram decided to let people post photos in the 9:16 format. This lets Instagram focus on videos and keeps people happy.

You may already know that Instagram gave users the option to use 9:16 photos when posting to their “Stories,” which disappear after 24 hours. But putting pictures in this way sounds like a good idea that has been proven to work.

Most smartphones these days let you take photos in the 9:16 ratio, which has become popular since smartphones with a notch and punch holes came out. So, people can just take pictures and don’t have to crop them to get the best images to upload.

When Instagram switched to a full-screen interface, people didn’t like it, so the company had to change it back. Now, it will be interesting to see how the same people, especially shutterbugs and photographers who like to take and post photos in the traditional ratio, react when they see the 9:16 ratio-supported Instagram feed.

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