If you want to watch internet videos offline, downloading them to your computer is the best option.

YouTube is by far the most popular online video destination, and already demonstrated how to download videos from that platform. YouTube isn’t the only place to find outstanding video entertainment, though. Vimeo is a well-liked platform, particularly among filmmakers and other creatives.

Vimeo has a wealth of amazing content, including longform films, visual art, and instructive videos. The content is usually of exceptionally high quality, as is the production value.

So, what if you wanted to download some Vimeo content to watch later? You won’t need to look any further for instructions on how to do so; we’ve got you covered.

Direct download via Vimeo

If you’re a regular YouTube user, you’re aware that ripping content to your hard drive requires paying for a YouTube Premium subscription or using third-party video download services.

There’s a download video option integrated directly into Vimeo…no there’s need for a subscription.

Simply go to the Vimeo video that you want to watch. On the right hand side of your screen, underneath the video player and the video title, is a “Download” button.

You’ll be given video quality options after selecting download. Simply click the Download option next to the video resolution you want to download, and it will save to your computer.

That’s all there is to it. There are no paid subscriptions necessary to use Vimeo’s download feature.

However, there is one issue that may develop. Material providers can pay for paid memberships on Vimeo, which give them more control over their video content. If you have a paid Vimeo subscription, you can switch off the downloading options for your video material.

This is where third-party downloading websites can help.

Websites that allow you to download videos from Vimeo that aren’t affiliated with the company

To save your favourite Vimeo videos to your computer for offline viewing, you may need to use the “unauthorised” method.

Simply Google “download Vimeo” and you’ll be given with several possibilities. SaveTheVideo and Vimeo Downloader are the most popular.

All of these websites operate in a similar manner: Copy the URL of the Vimeo video you want to save. Copy the link and paste it into the downloader’s input area, then click Submit. A variety of video quality and resolution options will be given to the user. Right-click on the version you wish to download and select “Save link as.”

Please be aware that because these video downloading websites are free to use, they are frequently infested with adverts, adware, and other potentially harmful downloads. They may even try to dupe you into clicking an ad that appears to be a download button or a link. As a result, exercise caution when utilising them. Also, don’t rehost a video you downloaded to view offline if you’re a good internet citizen.

Software for the Desktop

There are a few programmes available for download that will rip videos from sites like Vimeo. I’ve mentioned a few of them before, but Softorino YouTube Converter is the one I constantly use and suggest.

Yes, there is a one-time $40 investment required. Softorino YouTube Converter, on the other hand, is continually updated and extremely simple to use.

Simply download and launch the programme on your computer, then copy and paste the Vimeo video link into the app. You don’t even need to use the paste button.

Return to the Softorino Video Converter software and pick Convert after selecting the video quality you want. This programme is superior to some of the other options because it will immediately convert and transmit the video to the device of your choice, such as your iPhone.

It’s that simple to download videos from Vimeo. You’ll be able to enjoy your favourite content no matter where you are, even if you don’t have access to the internet.

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