Find out how to clean and care for clothes, hair accessories, and other items as vlone chain.

Follow these simple steps to make your hair pom-poms last as long as possible. Find them!

Hair garment cleaning

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and the chill is approaching, it’s time to bundle up! Now is the time to break out the coats, gloves, hoods and get warm. Our lives can continue without losing a hint of glamour even while we stay at home and winter. Hair-made garments are becoming more stylish, warmer, and more versatile.

Aside from classic coats, every outfit style has been dominated by hair for quite some time. Could you tell me where it is? Decorative elements found in jacket hoods, hats, and key chains, as well as in sweaters. It is mostly presented in articles such as:

Trimming lapels or sleeves with piping or fringes. There are live foxes, rabbits, organics, etc.

You can find them both in natural and synthetic hair, the latter of which is currently very successful.

Have you ever wondered how to clean clothes with hair? Do not stop reading, because we’re going to teach you how to clean hair accessories.

There are synthetic and natural hair items, and both can practically receive the same treatment.

When we wear clothes or accessories that have hair

As shown, hair items can be synthetic as well as natural, and they can both be treated the same way. By doing so, we can ensure its softness and durability.

By following these tips, you will be able to avoid certain troubles and have the comfort of always having your favorite clothes on hand.

What to do with hair garments

When washing hair, you should not use a washing machine if the hair is natural. You may have no choice but to use delicate clothes programs and wash synthetic hair separately if it fades. With a mild and neutral soap, soak the garment in a basin of cold water. For best results, let it sit for three to four minutes and rub gently to prevent fibers from coming off. Rinse it with cold water afterwards. Bleach and bleach should never be used on hair garments and Woo Shirt.

How to use hair garments

Drain the piece without twisting it, avoid squeezing it, and remove excess water with a clean towel. Use another dry towel on a flat surface and lay the garment or accessory out to air dry. During the drying process, it is extremely important to keep it out of the sun. The exposure to the sun or the use of blow dryers could damage the texture and color of your skin. Above all, do not dry pieces with hair; you would lose the pieces.


Your hair should never be ironed with an iron. The iron should be placed between the skin and a damp cloth, if necessary, on skins like rabbit or angora. This will prevent the item from showing signs of deterioration or shiny appearance.


For a better conservation of the garments made with hair, it is important to provide a series of cares. Adding an extra shine and luster to your hair will make it look better. A special brush with rounded ends and bristles that are spaced farther apart will work well for brushing the hair. Similar to the brushes that you would use for your pet, which are typically softer, preventing damage to or entanglement of the hair. To brush the piece, move slowly and in short movements to avoid stretching or tearing the fibers. Your fingers are a good alternative if you can’t find these types of brushes.

Stain removal

You do not have to worry if you stain your hair garment for any reason; there is still a solution. You can apply reduced isopropyl alcohol to the stain directly by making a solution out of water and isopropyl alcohol. After a few seconds, rub lightly with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry.

These tips will help you maintain the care of your natural or synthetic skin, without having to go to the dry cleaner. Though  you should always seek a professional opinion if you are in doubt about anything. Maintain your clothing and hair accessories in good condition so that you always have them at hand.

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