Swimming is a great sport or exercise because it’s easy on your bones and joints, but it can also help you burn a lot of calories, improve your coordination, stay at a healthy weight, get stronger, and build muscle.

But if you want better results, you shouldn’t just jump in the water and swim slowly around. Experts say that to get the most out of exercise, you need to pay attention to things like intensity and resistance. This is also true in the water.

Experts say that swimming has many benefits, such as helping you breathe better, improving your cardiovascular system, working on your flexibility and strength, and even helping you deal with stress. There are some things you can do to make sure that these benefits show up in your body, with a more toned body and less fat in hard-to-tone places.

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Franklin Antonia, an expert and personal trainer, told Healthline that you can get the same results from swimming as you can from running (and not just for weight loss) when it comes to losing weight and getting more toned. The only difference is that swimming is much less likely to hurt you.

How to use swimming to burn more calories?

Try to do it on an empty stomach

Healthline says that if you swim in the morning and before lunch, your body will use stored fat as a source of energy. This can make swimming one of the best cardio workouts because it works your whole body. to get thinner.

Use “props” (and weights)

Boards, fins, flotation devices, or weights. By adding different things to your swim routine, you’ll be able to work out different muscle groups depending on what you’re doing. This will help you strengthen your whole body and keep your workouts interesting, and it will also make you work harder to do the exercise.

You can also use weights to do different arm and leg exercises underwater. This helps build muscle strength and definition because the water acts as resistance.

Try intervals and change the routine 

This is true for all kinds of cardio. Intervals are just short periods of explosive, very intense movement followed by short periods of less intense movement. This keeps the heart rate going up and burns a lot more calories.

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Having breaks also lets you do shorter workouts without losing any of the benefits. On the other hand, it can be a good way to mix up your swim workouts so that you don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

Increase intensity 

This is similar to what happens with HIIT routines, where the intensity of the exercise is increased to burn more calories in less time and get better results without spending hours at the gym.

Focus on things like your swimming speed, the number of laps you swim, or even the possibility of adding weight, like one of those dumbbells that you can wrap around your wrists and ankles.

Don’t always stay in the water

You can use storytelling as your main exercise, but if you want better results, you should combine it with other exercises. Combine swimming with weight training, outdoor exercises, or even other water sports like aerobics, water polo, or yoga on a float, which is great for working your core and balance.

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