If you’ve ever looked online for “How to Avoid Being Late,” at least you know you have a problem, which is usually a good first step. Many people never worry about being late or don’t mind wasting other people’s time. This is probably because they don’t think being late is that bad or that being on time is important. If you don’t change your mind, you’ll never think about being on time. But if you already know there is a problem, it can help you start making changes.

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There could be many reasons why you’re always late. You might get distracted by something else or overestimate how long it will take to get there. Anxiety or depression can also sometimes play a big role (in these cases it is better to talk to mental health experts). And this can cause problems with other people, especially if you are late for business meetings or even a job interview.

If you want to avoid this, here are some things to think about so you can at least try to avoid getting into this kind of trouble. We give you advice on how to Avoid being late.

Really Figure out the Time and Add a Bit More

It seems pretty obvious, but we know that many people don’t do it and just go with their guts. If you do that, you might end up taking an hour longer than you thought to get there. Take a moment to figure out how long you’ll be going in a certain direction to keep this from happening.

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Google Maps can be helpful because you can check the transfer times based on the time of day and the day of the week. If you choose those options, you will see things clearly.

On the other hand, you need to add a little more time to that time. Let’s say 10 to 30 minutes (or longer if it’s a job interview). This is to account for things you can’t predict, like an accident that slows down traffic or the time it might take you to get all your things together before leaving.

Use Calendar and Alarms

First, put it on your calendar so you can see it early and remember that you have a commitment. If that’s not enough, set alarms that go off when it’s time to leave the house. Of course, you have to work for this, so try to pay attention to the alarms and get to your appointment on time.

Wear Watch

Another basic tip but without a doubt quite useful. It is true that everyone has clocks on their smartphones, however, not everyone seems to be aware of the time until they check it, and some apps even prevent you from seeing the clock.

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To improve your relationship with time, we recommend using a clock, or at least surrounding yourself with clocks, with one on the wall, one on your bedside table, and more. This will allow you to keep track of your time and prevent you from wasting hours without realizing what time it is. 

Avoid Making too many Plans on Important Days

Suppose you have an afternoon job interview and decide in the morning to go out and do something enjoyable or complete a lengthy to-do list before heading there. This can lead to losing track of time and arriving late.

If you have an important appointment or business that requires you to be on time, you should avoid making numerous plans or engaging in activities that could be distracting.

Remember that the value of other people’s time is equivalent to your own.


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