Highest paid CEO in India 2022 who are making their companies and themselves into brands. India is a great place to visit because it has beautiful landscapes, festivals, and food. It has a long history of struggle, culture, and tradition, as well as a lot of great businesses that are doing very well. In this article, we talk about the doors that smart and opportunistic top 15 highest paid CEO in India 2022 open so that they and their companies can become well-known.

The richest person in Asia lives in India. The victory can be summed up by the brains of the world’s largest democratic country, which are polite, wealthy, intellectual, smart, and full of zeal. People look at a person’s money as a strict measure of what he or she has done in life.

Here is information about the highest paid CEO in India in 2022. The chief administrative officer (CAO) or chief executive (CE) is one of several corporate executives in charge of running an organization, such as a business or nonprofit.

So, let’s talk about these top 10 highest paid CEO in India in 2022 who have earned their money and are on the list of the top 15 highest paid CEO in India.

Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in India 2022 [With Earnings]

  1. Mukesh Ambani — $88.7 Billion
  2. Gopal Vittal — US$ 3.5 billion
  3. CP Gurnani — 165 crore
  4. S N Subrahmanyam — 45 Crore
  5. Kalanithi Maran —260 crore USD
  6. Pawan Munjal — 370 crores USD
  7. Salil Parekh — 35 Crore
  8. Satya Nadella — $250 Million
  9. Savitri Jindal —1,740 crores USD
  10. Guenter Butschek — 22.55 crore

1. Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries Ltd.)

  • Age– 64 Years
  • Earning– 88.7 Billion Dollar
  • Awards– NDTV Business leader of the year 2010m The Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2000.

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian businessman who was born on April 19, 1957. He is the chairman, managing director, and major shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), which is on the Fortune Global 500 list and is India’s most valuable company by market value. Forbes says that he is the richest person in Asia with a net worth of US$90 billion. As of December 2, 2021, he was the 11th richest person in the world. People say that Mr. Ambani, who owns 44.7 percent of the company and gets paid about 15 crores per year, put Reliance Industries Ltd on the red carpet.

He is the only Indian businessman on Forbes’ list of the most powerful people in the world. Forbes says that as of October 2020, Mukesh Ambani is the sixth richest person in the world. In July 2018, he had a net worth of $44.3 billion, making him the richest person in Asia. So, Mukesh Ambani is for sure on the list of the highest paid CEO in India in 2022.

2. Gopal Vittal (Bharti Airtel)

  • Age– 54 Years
  • Earning– US$ 3.5 billion
  • Awards– Best Brand’ and the ‘Best Mobile Operator’ at the World Communications Award.

The 2017-18 annual report says that Mr. Gopal Vittal, a patron, and philanthropist, is in charge of Bharti Airtel, which is the third-largest telecom company in the country. Mr. Vittal is a very interesting person, and the 2017-18 annual report says that he earns about 169.73 million dollars a year. Gopal Vittal is the second highest paid CEO in India in 2022 or the second highest-paid CEO among the top 10 highest paid CEO in India in 2022.

3. CP Gurnani (Tech Mahindra)

  • Age– 62 Years
  • Earning– 165 crores
  • Awards– ‘CEO of the Year’ Award for the year 2014

Putting up with a lot of pain to get where you want to go. He was able to reach such greatness because he was smart, worked hard, and was committed. Because of his great work, C P Gurnani puts about 165.6 crores into his account every year. C.P. Gurnani is the third highest paid CEO in India. He is ranked third on the list of the top 10 highest paid CEOs in India for 2022.

4. S N Subrahmanyan (Larsen and Toubro)

  • Age – 61 Years
  • Earning – 48.45 Crore
  • Awards – CEO of the Year Award for the year 2014 and CEO of the Year Award for the year 2014.

Highest Paid CEO in India

Sekharipuram Narayanan Subrahmanyan is both the CEO and Managing Director of Larsen & Toubro (born March 16, 1960). He took over from Mr. Anil Manibhai Naik on July 1, 2017. S N Subrahmanyan is also Vice Chairman of the Boards of LTI and L&T Technology Services. He is also the Non-Executive Chairman of L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited and Vice Chairman of Mindtree, an Indian multinational IT and outsourcing business that was bought in March 2019. In February 2021, the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment chose him to lead the National Safety Council (NSC) for three years. In July 2011, S. N.

Subrahmanyan was named a full-time Director on the L&T Board of Directors. He was also named a Board member and Senior Executive Vice President (Construction). In October 2015, L&T named him Deputy Managing Director and President. In 2017, he was named Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director by the board of directors of Larsen & Toubro (L&T).

SN Subrahmanyan is the fourth highest-paid CEO in India. He is in the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in India for 2022.

5. Kalanithi Maran (Sun Group, Suryan Ltd, Red F M, Sun Cable Vision, and Sun Pictures)

  • Age– 56 Years
  • Earning– 260 crore USD
  • Awards– Indian Telly Award for Contribution to TV

If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done before. Forbes says that the king of television in southern India is a young businessman who is well-known in the business world. Kalanithi is a young man who gets paid INR 77.9 crores because of how well he does his job and how hard he works. Kalanithi Maran is fifth on the list of the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in India or the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in India in 2022.

6.  Pawan Munjal (Hero MotoCorp)

  • Age– 61 Years
  • Earning– 370 crores USD
  • Awards– ET Awards 2020 and The Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence 2020.

Hero Moto Corp’s Chairman, MD, and CEO, Mr. Pawan Munjal, is doing a good job of setting up the show and putting customer needs first. Mr. Pawan Munjal says, “I think magic can be made with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck.” Losers give up when they fail, but winners try again and again until they succeed. Forbes says that Pawan Munjal has a net worth of $3.2 billion and is one of the top 10 best-paid CEOs in India. Pawan Munjal is the sixth highest paid CEO in India. He is the sixth highest paid CEO in India in 2022.

7. Salil Parekh (Infosys)

  • Age– 56 Years
  • Earning– 35 Crore
  • Awards– the Best CEO in Private Sector by Forbes India award.

When you combine patience, persistence, and determination, you can’t lose. Mr. Salil Parekh is a successful leader who has taken the organization to the next level. A man who gives about INR 35 crores of his time and money runs a well-known IT company. Salil Parekh is seventh on the list of India’s top 10 highest-paid CEOs of India’s top 10 highest-paid CEOs for 2022.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft India, is 53 years old and has made $250 million. He has won the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Global Indian Award.

Microsoft is a name that every child knows, whether it’s for a cell phone, computer software, IT solutions, or a number of other things. The company has its own functions and ways of doing things. Microsoft India is a great plan, and we’ve got $25.84 million in comments about it. Satya Nadella is the eighth highest paid CEO in India in 2022, and he is also the eighth highest paid CEO in India.

8. Satya Nadella (Microsoft India)

  • Age– 53 Years
  • Earning– $250 Million
  • Awards– CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Global Indian

Every single child has heard of Microsoft, whether it’s for a mobile phone, computer software, IT solutions, or a variety of other products. The company has its own specific characteristics and functions. Microsoft India is a fantastic strategy for which we have earned $25.84 million in comments. Satya Nadella is placed 8th among the top 10 highest paid CEOs in India 2022, as well as the top 10 highest paid CEO of India.

9. Savitri Jindal – Chairperson Emeritus of O.P. Jindal Group

  • Born: 20 March 1950 (age 71 years)
  • Full name: Savitri Devi Jindal
  • Net worth:1,740 crores USD 

As of October, Savitri Jindal, who is 71 years old, is India’s richest woman and the seventh richest Indian overall. She has a net worth of $18 billion. Emirates Chairman of Jindal Steel & Power Limited Savitri Jindal was born into the Rasiwasia family in Tinsukia, Assam. In the 1970s, she married O.P. Jindal, who started the Jindal Group, a steel and power conglomerate. She was a member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha from Hisar and a minister in the Haryana government. After her husband, O.P. Jindal, died in a helicopter crash in 2005, she took over as chairwoman. She belongs to the political party INC. So, because of everything she has done, Savitri Jindal is one of the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in India in 2022.

10. Guenter Butschek (Tata Motors)

  • 60 Years Old
  • Money made: 22.55 billion
  • Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University is a school.

The person in a position where success depends on delegating tasks, taking risks, and managing a diverse group of workers is always praised for his great work. Mr. Guenter Butschek is a person who works hard for the most prestigious company in the country and gets paid around INR 22 crores for the company’s development strategy. Guenter Butschek is 10th on the list of the top 10 highest paid CEOs in India or the top 10 highest paid CEOs in India 2022.

Not only did we talk about the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in India, but we also talked about the next 5 CEOs on our list of the top 15 highest-paid CEOs in India for 2022.

Top 5 Highest Paid CEO in India 2022 out of the 10 Top CEOs

1. Rajesh Gopinathan: Rs. 20.4 Crore Rupees (Earning)

Rajesh Gopinathan, who was born in 1971, is the CEO and Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which offers IT services, consulting, and business solutions all over the world. After being Chief Financial Officer since 2013, he was made Chief Executive Officer in February 2017. Rajesh is one of the Tata Group’s youngest CEOs. He was born in 1971. In FY21, he’ll make Rs. 20.4 crores. In 2001, Rajesh moved from Tata Industries to Tata Consultancy Services. At Tata Industries, he was in charge of TCS’s new e-business unit in the United States. He helped plan, build, and put in place the new organizational structure and operating model for the company.

In 2013, he became the company’s, Chief Financial Officer. He used to be Vice President of Business Finance, where he was in charge of how the company’s different operating units handled their money. In February 2017, after four years as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, he was given the position of Chief Executive Officer. Because of this, Rajesh Gopinathan is one of the highest-paid CEOs in India in 2022.

2. Dilip Shanghvi — $14.3 Billion (Net Worth)

Dilip Shanghvi is an Indian billionaire businessman who was born on October 1, 1955. He is one of the richest people in the country. He started the company and is also in charge of running it. In 2016, the Indian government gave him the Padma Shri, which is its highest honor for a civilian. India Today magazine put him at number eight on its list of the most important people in India for 2017. Forbes says that as of October 2021, Shanghvi is the 14th richest person in India. He has a net worth of $14.3 billion. In 1982, when Sanghavi was 27 years old, he opened his first factory with an initial investment of INR 10,000.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is the name of the company he works for. The unit was in Vapi, which is in his home state of Gujarat and not too far from Mumbai. It made just one psychiatric drug. In April 2014, Sun, Ranbaxy, and Daiichi Sankyo, Ranbaxy’s largest shareholder, agreed that Sun would buy all Ranbaxy shares for $3.2 billion in Sun stock and take on $800 million in Ranbaxy debt. The deal was finalized in March 2015, which made Sun the biggest drug company in India and the fifth biggest in the world.

With all of these accomplishments, Dilip Shanghvi is one of the 15 most well-paid CEOs in India in 2022.

3. Sanjiv Mehta’s Net Wealth  ($1 Million and $5 Million).

Sanjiv Mehta, who was born in 1959 or 1960, is the chairman and managing director (MD) of Hindustan Unilever Limited, which is India’s biggest company for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Mehta was named CEO and MD of Hindustan Unilever in October 2013. In June 2018, he was given the titles of chairman and MD. As the cluster president for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, he is also in charge of how Unilever works in South Asia. Mehta is a member of the Leadership Executive, Unilever’s worldwide executive board.

He is a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. In April 2002, Unilever Bangladesh named him chairman and managing director. He was named chairman of Unilever North Africa and the Middle East in 2008. He moved to Manila in 2007 to be the head of Unilever Philippines (NAME). So, if we look at his whole life, Sanjiv Mehta has become one of the 15 highest-paid CEOs in India by 2022.

4. Suresh Mangalani

Suresh Mangalani is not only the CEO of Adani Gas Ltd., but he is also one of the 15 highest-paid CEOs in India in 2022. He is a professional with 29 years of experience in many different kinds of business. He has a lot of experience with Oil and Gas projects and is an expert at designing, negotiating, creating, and running successful City Gas Distribution businesses and joint ventures.

Suresh started his career at Kelvinator, which is now called Whirlpool India. He then worked for GAIL, Mahanagar Gas, which was a joint venture between GAIL and Shell, and India Gas Solutions (JV of RIL and BP). Suresh was the Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial for the petroleum retail division at Reliance Industries Ltd. before he joined Adani Gas Limited. Suresh works as a Cost Accountant and has degrees in M.COM, LLB, ACMA, and FCS.

5. Vinay Prakash

Vinay Prakash is the top boss at Adani Enterprise and Natural Resources. Mr. Prakash is also a leader in a number of industry groups. He chairs or has chaired committees for FIMI, ASSOCHAM, FICCI, and CII, where he encourages sharing ideas and working together with a focus on responsible mining and sustainability. He was given an award for business excellence at the 2017 World Petrocoal Congress. Mr. Prakash has a B.Tech (Mechanical), a PG Diploma in Operations/Material Management, an MBA (Finance), and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Sustainable Mining Practices at the Indian Institute of Technology-Indian School of Mines (IIT-ISM).

He worked for the Aditya Birla Group for eight years before joining the Adani Group in 2001. As a supporter of energy security and sustainability, Mr. Prakash has been in charge of the growth and diversification of the Adani Group’s Natural Resources business in India and abroad since it was founded. The Integrated Coal Management, Iron Ore, Minerals, Bunkering, Mining, Cement, and Aggregate Businesses are all part of the Natural Resources division. With all of his accomplishments, Vinay Prakash became one of the top 15 highest paid CEOs in India or one of the highest paid CEOs in India in 2022.

Last Words about the Highest Paid CEO in India in 2022

Now, we’re pretty sure you know everything about who are the highest paid CEOs in India or who will be the highest paid CEO in India in 2022.

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