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The Various Types of Meditation


Even if you have never been interested in Asian culture or have no idea what Mindfulness is, you have probably heard many times about the benefits of meditation. Meditation is a broad term that can mean a lot of different things to different people. It could be that you don't know what it means to you. There isn't just one...

How to Control Hair Fall?

Hair Fall

Most girls want to know how to make hair long and how to make hair. This is the reason why often the questions asked by the mother are 'how to make hair longer, hair shampoo to lengthen, home remedy to grow hair, easy way to grow hair'. It was a matter of those who want to grow hair. There are also...

Orthorexia Nervosa Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy

Orthorexia Nervosa

Do you know what Orthorexia Nervosa is? Eating healthy food can make a significant impact on your health and happiness. However, for some people, a fixation with healthy eating can develop into orthorexia, also known as orthorexia Nervosa, an eating disorder. The consequences of orthorexia can be just as severe as those of other eating disorders. Orthorexia Nervosa patients...

Alcohol and High Cholesterol: With this combination, this Happens in your body

Alcohol and High cholesterol

As you might guess, drinking a lot of alcohol and having high cholesterol is not a good idea. Have you ever thought about why? Before you can understand why high cholesterol and alcohol don't go well together, you need to know what high cholesterol is. When the body has more cholesterol than it should, this is called high cholesterol. And...

5 Possible Causes of Unintentional Weight Gain

Unintentional Weight Gain

Do you seem to be gaining weight for no apparent reason? If you answered yes, you should make a few basic changes to your food and lifestyle. A healthy body weight is beneficial to one's overall health. Two significant factors that affect your body weight are a healthy diet and frequent exercise. However, a variety of factors, such as...

Best 5 Ways to Stay Strong [Step-by-Step Guide]

Best 5 Ways to Stay Strong

Did you know that people over the age of 40 can lose up to 8% of their muscular mass every decade? The rate of decline may double after the age of 70. Around one-third of people over the age of 50 suffer from sarcopenia or progressive muscle loss. Muscles are necessary for organ function, skin health, immunity, and metabolism, as well...

10 Reasons for Delayed Periods

Periods Delay

Missed periods are most commonly caused by pregnancy. If you think you might be pregnant, act as if you are until you know for sure. To determine whether you are pregnant, start with a home pregnancy test. Other causes of missed or delayed periods if you are not pregnant include: Stress - Stress has an impact on many aspects of our lives,...

Top 10 Natural Ways to Calm Anxiety, According to Science

Calm Anxiety,

Like with stress, we need to try to cut down on daily anxiety, because if we don't, it can get out of hand and affect work performance, relationships, quality of life, and even physical health. Anxiety is a normal response that your body has when you're in a complicated or unusual situation. It makes you feel worried or afraid about...

How Does The Human Body Generate Energy?

Human Body: Methods of Energy Generation

Body energy is made up of a process that must happen for the body to work right. Because the body has energy, all of the cells can work to keep the organs and tissues healthy. To better understand how all the systems in our bodies work, we need to know how our bodies make energy. What is the Energy of...

Why Does Your Brain Need Exercise and How Can You Do It?

Exercises for Your Brain

Brain exercise is just as important as body exercise. It may not help you gain muscle mass, endurance, or physical strength, but it has many benefits that will improve your quality of life in the long run. And it is that, just as the body ages, so does the brain. This means that it can lose its power if you...