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6 Simple Steps to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Reach Your Fitness Goals

People have good reasons to want to be fit and healthy. They try to reach different fitness goals that are popular right now. Not only to make them healthier but also to keep them happy and encourage them to live an active life. To burn fats faster, you might think about losing weight. But if you just work out without...

Imposter Syndrome: 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Imposter Syndrome

You might have imposter syndrome if you constantly feel like a fraud, even in situations where you usually do well. 1 Imposter syndrome can make you feel restless and nervous, and you might talk badly to yourself. Imposter syndrome is often accompanied by signs of anxiety and depression. Imposter syndrome is not a mental illness that can be diagnosed. Instead,...

Alcohol and High Cholesterol: With this combination, this Happens in your body

Alcohol and High cholesterol

As you might guess, drinking a lot of alcohol and having high cholesterol is not a good idea. Have you ever thought about why? Before you can understand why high cholesterol and alcohol don't go well together, you need to know what high cholesterol is. When the body has more cholesterol than it should, this is called high cholesterol. And...

Top 9 Juices will Help You Detox

Detox Juice

Diwali isn't complete without delectable treats. And as a result, we eat a lot of wonderful food without giving much thought to the consequences. Please don't feel bad about yourself. After all, such celebrations only happen once a year, so we should take advantage of them and eat to our hearts' content. Isn't that so? But not before the...

Functional Fitness: What is it, and How does it Help?

Functional Fitness

You can squat more than twice your body weight, but can you climb the stairs to your apartment without getting too tired? If you just set a new personal best on the bench press, but your shoulders aren't flexible enough for you to reach into that tall cabinet for the fancy wine glasses, you might want to rethink how...

US Reports First Case of Omicron COVID Variant

Omicron COVID Variant

After the first US case of the Omicron strain was discovered in California, White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci recommended Americans get vaccinated or increase their immunity against Covid-19. "We know what we need to do to ensure people's safety. If you haven't previously done so, get immunized. If you've been vaccinated for more than six months with an...

Skincare Tips: How to Prevent Acne with Home Ingredients


Acne is known in Ayurveda as Youvana Pidika, which approximately translates to "young boils." Acne is no longer considered a pubertal problem. Ccne has become more common in adulthood due to a diet heavy in lipids, sugar, and salt, as well as a slow metabolism, hormone imbalances, stress, and irregular sleep-wake cycles. Our skin, according to Ayurveda, is home...

What Exactly is Horsetail? Benefits of its Consumption and Contraindications

Horsetail Benefits

You've probably heard about horsetail's benefits more than once, and many people recommend it to get rid of fluid retention. But do I need to take any extra care when I take it? Can it be bad for our health in any way? Today, we're looking for answers to your questions, and we'll tell you about the benefits and risks...

Diabetics: Avoid These 6 Mistakes to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Control Blood Sugar Level

Simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make a big difference in diabetes management. Maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels might help you avoid the difficulties that come with diabetes. Stress, a sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary choices, and an irregular sleep pattern are just a few of the variables that can make diabetes even more difficult to control. "Diabetes is a condition...

Conjunctivitis Remedies at Home

Conjunctivitis Treatments at Home

It's annoying to have pink eye, but you can treat it at home. If you forgot to take out your contact lenses before bed one night and woke up with a very red and swollen eye the next morning, you probably had conjunctivitis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC) says that this condition...