Do you know about Google Meet integrations with YouTube, Spotify, and UNO? A few days ago, Google started giving Android platform and iOS users the new Meet-Duo app. While the tech giant is working on changing Duo to Meet later this year, it looks like the Meet team is working on a new feature that will let users share third-party apps like YouTube, UNO!, Kahoot, and Heads Up!, and Spotify.

Also on the list is GQueues, a task manager for teams that can help you get things done. As it turns out, there are icons for each of these apps right inside Google Meet. According to an APK teardown done by 9to5Google, the tech giant has decided to move Google Meet integrations to a third-party app instead of integrating them.

It could mean that the feature will only be available on Android and not on the iOS version or the Web version. Talking about games like UNO!, it’s very likely that Google Meet will automatically make a new lobby and let others join with a single tap.

But it’s still not clear how Google will get all of the apps to work together when it comes to streaming services like Spotify and YouTube. What’s surprising is that the changes are being made to the old version of the app, Meet (Original), which will be phased out once the Meet-Duo merger is finished.

Also, as we said above, Google Duo, Google’s video calling app for Android and iOS, is being Google Meet integrations. Google has said that the services offered by Duo will be combined with those of Google Meet by September of this year. But the update is being rolled out in stages, so don’t expect to get it right away.

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