Google Chrome recently began testing the Privacy Review function on the desktop version, and the feature is now apparently coming to Android smartphones as well. The Privacy Guide explains numerous privacy choices in simple words to users, as well as how they affect the overall surfing experience. Because the functionality is still in development, there are only two toggles inside the section, according to Tech News. It is believed that in future Chrome upgrades, it will be offered to a larger number of people.

The first setting, ‘Make searches and browsing better,’ sends the corporation a list of URLs you visit as well as a Chrome usage report. It allows for speedier surfing and better address bar suggestions. The History sync toggle allows you to sync your browsing history across all of your signed-in devices.

The feature is now hidden behind a flag; however, you can access it on your Android smartphone by following these steps:

  1. On your Android phone, open the Chrome browser.
  2. In the Chrome browser’s address box, type chrome:/flags.
  3. In the Privacy Review submenu, look for ‘privacy.’
  4. Restart the browser after selecting ‘Enabled.’
  5. Tap the three-dot icon to review your privacy settings.
  6. Select Settings.
  7. Select Privacy and Security from the menu.
  8. Select the Privacy Guide from the drop-down menu.

Yana Yushkina, Chrome’s product manager, recently announced that the browser now displays results in 500 milliseconds because it pulls search results from the web even before you choose a query.

To fix a top shutdown hang, the organisation also erased the local cache. Chrome’s history system now includes a local cache, which speeds up startup times. The company eventually discovered that this cache not only added code complexity and unneeded memory utilisation, but it was also a major contributor to browser shutdown hangs.

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