There are foods that can help stop gas, and they could save your life. One of the most common problems caused by too much gas, indigestion, or not going to the bathroom enough is bloating. Gas that builds up too much inside your body will always find a way to get out. So, it’s important to eat and drink things that keep you from having a stomach problem, especially when you don’t want one, like when you’re at work or in a business meeting.

What kinds of foods should you try?

From the start, experts recommend those that have fiber in its natural form, whether it’s soluble fiber or insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is what forms gels in your digestive tract when it gets wet, which makes your stool easier to pass. or the one that doesn’t dissolve and gives them volume and helps move things along in the gut. Any of them will require you to drink enough water, first to stay hydrated and then because water and fiber work together to make your digestive system work better.

Foods that help reduce gas (According to science)


This fruit has potassium, and a study showed that people who eat a banana before each meal have less inflammation than those who don’t. Experts think that these foods might release bacteria in the gut that can help stop the stomach from making too much gas.


This fruit has enzymes that help break down protein, making it easier to digest in the intestines. One small study showed that people who ate meat and kiwi at different meals had much less inflammation than those who didn’t eat the kiwi and only ate the piece of meat.

Green Tea

This drink will not only give you antioxidants that stop free radicals or cell inflammation from happening, but it will also keep you hydrated or stop you from holding on to water. It is also great for digestion because it has caffeine, which is a natural laxative.


One of the best things about this vegetable, besides the fact that it is high in fiber, is that it is made up of 95% water. On the other hand, it has mannitol in it, which is a type of alcohol that softens stools or has a laxative effect like green tea.


It’s not just good for pregnant women who feel sick. This root has been used to treat stomach problems for hundreds of years. It can help relax the intestines, speed up the emptying of the stomach, or break down protein because it has an enzyme called protease.


If your grandmother gives you tea made from this herb when you have a stomachache, it does work. Science has already shown that this herb helps the liver make more bile, which makes it easier for your body to break down fats. It also relaxes the muscles in your intestines, which helps get rid of gas in your belly.


Not only is it one of the healthiest fats, but it is also full of folates, vitamins C and K, and potassium, which helps keep the body’s water balance in check. Avocado has a lot of fiber, which will help keep you regular and stop you from getting bloated.


This dairy drink is similar to yogurt, but it is much more fermented and has a lot of probiotics. Several scientific studies seem to show that drinking it gets rid of up to 70% of stomach gas because it helps digest sugar, which can cause bloating or pain in the abdomen.

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