Are you looking for Five free gems for the internet? The Internet is very big. It’s like a top hat from which rabbits keep jumping out all the time, which is both good and bad. Now, we’ll talk about the first point, which is Five free gems for the internet has a lot of free services that can be very helpful. If you don’t have Photoshop and want to fix a photo, there are other ways to do it. No problem. Do you want to know if that link you got in an email is trustworthy or not? Either.

Tessa Davis, who works to make things popular, put together a list of some of the best services on Twitter. Her post has gone viral. We’re going to look at some of the proposed solutions and add others that any user may find very useful at any time. In this article, we are going to talk about five free gems that will make your life easier on the Internet.

How to Unmask a Fraudulent Link

The number of phishing attacks is growing at an exponential rate, and hackers who use the technique of pretending to be the sender are becoming more real in their actions. How do we know if a link is going to attack us without clicking on it? VirusTotal is a free service that checks the link you enter against the databases of many different antivirus companies to see if it is safe or not. It is very useful for Free Gems online.

The great thing about this service is that it gets information from a lot of different sources in real-time. This makes it very reliable. To use it, all you have to do is click on the link and enter the website you got in an email, which you copied before by clicking the right mouse button.

LunaPic is the Perfect Solution to Remove Background from Photos

On many occasions, photographs are received in which a background appears that you want to avoid, either because more people come out or simply because they aesthetically spoil the content. How to clean a photograph without resorting to the services of a Photoshop professional?

Luckily, the depths of the Internet come to the rescue: LunaPic is a powerful photo editor with which, after a couple of clicks, any background can be removed. It is smart Free Gems To do this, just import a photo from the service and click on the “Background removal tool” button that appears on it.

PrivNote is the Solution to Sending Notes that Destroy Themselves and Leave no Trace

People who care about privacy will love a service like PrivNote, which lets you send notes that disappear after they are read. The idea couldn’t be easier or more effective: you go online and type the note you want to send. Once you’re done, the system makes a unique link that, when clicked on, deletes the note along with it. Now, we’ll give you some things to think about: The text is made encrypted, and the key to unlocking it is in the link itself, so no one else can read it but the person who was sent it.

But the service warns that anyone who gets the link can click on it and that it is not responsible for what the text says. In any case, you can set a password and the exact time the note will be erased by clicking “Show options” (if after being read, or after some time).

JustWatch As not to Get Lost in the Mess of the Series

Not too long ago, Spain only had Little House on the Prairie and “1,2,3.” With only two TV channels, that was pretty much all they had to offer. Now, though, there are so many different ways to watch TV shows for fun. That it’s hard not only to decide what to watch. But also to keep track of which episodes you’ve already seen.

On the other hand, since there are many streaming platforms. The best thing would be to have a service that includes all of them and is always being updated. JustWatch does exactly that. This platform is like Google for TV shows. And it has algorithms that suggest interesting content based on the user’s profile and how they usually use the site. The user will be able to choose which streaming platforms they are signed up for. And then the algorithm will start to suggest series that are on those platforms. And also let them know about new chapters or series.

10minutemail, a Disposable Email Address

When we sign up for new internet services you will find these free gems. We usually have to pay a high price. We have to give out our email addresses. If the service someone wants to sign up for is serious and follows the law. The only thing that could happen is that they might get some electronic mail at that address.

But sometimes our email addresses are sold to other service providers and the spam nightmare begins. In any case, if it’s clear that the email address is only needed for a short time. And to sign up for a service. It’s best for it to be one that can be used once and then thrown away. 10minutemail It gives you just that a temporary email address. That will only work for ten minutes (although the term can be extended later). You can check the inbox for this long (to make sure you have access to a service). But after that, the email address will be gone for good.

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