Many people feel afraid of being alone at some point in their lives, probably more often and more strongly than you can imagine. Most of all, people have been left alone because of the pandemic, and it has been hard for many of them to get back into society.

You may worry about being alone at certain points in your day. For example, when you come home from work to an empty apartment, when you’re feeling down on a Sunday afternoon and want to spend time with someone, or when the end-of-year holidays come and you don’t have many plans or people to spend them with. Even though these things might make you feel bad, you should know that they happen to a lot of people.

But just because the fear of being alone is common or commonplace doesn’t mean it is healthy or normal. Have you ever thought about how this makes you and the other people around you feel?

Unhealthy relationships

When we’re afraid of being alone, we’ll often do anything to avoid it. This includes staying in relationships that don’t make us happy or may have gotten to the point where they’re no longer healthy, even though it’s hard to leave them because we’re afraid of being alone. Because of this, if people knew how to deal with loneliness better, there would be healthier relationships in the world, where it would be more normal to reach a limit point and split up.

Making hasty decisions

When we don’t worry about being alone, we don’t feel like we have to be with someone right away, even if we don’t know them very well. Because of this, we can form bonds with people we have things in common with and who make us feel good, which makes our love and friendships better. Even more so because differences that might seem small at first can become intolerable over time. So instead of rushing to find someone, it is better to take the time to find a good match.

Few limits

If we’re afraid of being alone, we’ll be scared to say no to someone or tell them what we need, because the thought of being left alone makes us feel insecure, especially if the people we hang out with don’t like it when we’re independent. So, we will go through life taking whatever they give us because it would be worse to be alone. This is bad for your self-esteem and your ability to make decisions for yourself in the long run.

Feeling of weakness 

When people are afraid of being alone, they get a weak feeling that makes them think they can’t do anything on their own and need help from others. But sometimes, all it takes is a little time alone to realize everything they can do.

Little self-knowledge 

Fear of being alone makes it hard to make new friends because we often stick to one person and stop trying to meet others. It can also keep us from getting to know ourselves, which requires time alone. How do you like things? What is your favorite food, best song, and favorite movie? To find out all of this, you need to take time to decide for yourself and see how you react to each stimulus. So, being aware of yourself requires time alone. And if you plan a trip by yourself to see what we say, what will you do?

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