Facebook has launched a slew of new features for its users throughout the world. Meta has begun testing a new function for English-speaking users around the world, including artists who have been shut out of their accounts. This would be a beneficial feature because many users are unsure how to access their accounts or who to contact. Facebook has also started testing the tool with creators who don’t have a relationship manager assigned to them.

According to Facebook’s blog, the company is rolling out many comment moderation tools for authors, including profanity keyword blocking capabilities, suspension/banning restrictions, and tougher comment controls. Along with enhanced safety tools for artists, Facebook also unveiled a live chat help mechanism for users who have checked out of their accounts. For the time being, the feature to report concerns via live chat is only available on the Facebook app.

“We’ve begun testing live chat assistance for some English-speaking users throughout the world, including creators who have been locked out of their accounts.” This initial test is for users who are unable to access their accounts due to odd activity or who have had their accounts suspended due to a violation of Community Standards. This will be the first time Facebook has provided live assistance to users who have been locked out of their accounts,” according to the blog.

When you lose access to your accounts or someone bans them, Facebook will display a pop-up requesting you to talk with them. Users can contact a support representative if they have a problem, according to the message. When you select “Chat to Us,” a new chat window will appear, and you will be connected to a customer care representative who will assist you with regaining access to your account.

Facebook offers live chat support to creators in the United States who do not yet have a relationship manager assigned to them. “When connected in with Facebook, creators can visit a special creator support portal. They can use the live chat function to ask a support agent questions about anything from the status of a payout to inquiries about a new feature like Reels. For the time being, this is simply a small test, and as we grow, creators will be invited to join the test and try out the new support experience via Facebook or Instagram,” according to the blog.

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