Having the right tools and equipment available can be a significant advantage to any business. This includes using online time clock software. Unfortunately, even for those businesses that implement the software, there’s likely a lot that they don’t know about it. Learning all you can about the tools you use is the best way to get the most out of your investment.

Companies that don’t use an online timecard system may miss out on more benefits and features than you realize that can take your business to the next level.

Here are five things you most likely didn’t know about online employee time clock software.

#1: People Aren’t Using It

Despite all the benefits and the fact that online employee time clock software takes much of the hassle out of time tracking, attendance tracking, management, and even payroll, most businesses still aren’t on board with using it. This is unfortunate because manual time tracking has many flaws that make it difficult for a company to operate at its full potential.

Not only that, it’s detrimental to the employees as well. Having to manually clock in every time, fill out timesheets, and constantly track their hours is a major headache for employees and leads to drastically lowered productivity.

#2: Time Clock Software Equals Less Micromanaging

Businesses who aren’t using online timesheet software likely don’t realize the actual amount of time spent by management handling basic administrative tasks that would otherwise be simplified or, in some cases, even automated.

Online employee time clock software streamlines processes and makes data available at a glance so that managers don’t have to spend all their time watching over employees and can instead only address issues as needed, freeing them up for more critical tasks.

#3: Time Fraud is a Real Problem

It might not seem like it, but time fraud does happen. The more employees a business has and the more diverse the workforce, the more likely it is that time fraud is committed, either on purpose or through accidents and negligence. Buddy punching with a manual time clock is a significant issue, as is falsifying timesheets, working unnecessary overtime, and failing to clock in and out correctly.

Online time clock solutions solve many of these issues by making it difficult or even impossible in some cases even to commit time fraud.

#4: Manual Timesheets Are Wrong, A Lot

That’s right, one of the most significant expenses for businesses still relying on manual time tracking is fixing errors in timesheets and making accurate payroll. Every mistake on a timesheet costs time and money to correct and can delay employee payments by days in some cases. Not only that, it increases the base overhead that a business spends on payroll significantly.

An online time and attendance app automate the process making it easier, faster, and less expensive to process all the timesheet data and pretty much guarantees it to be error-free. Since wages and hours are both tracked automatically, there’s no possibility for manual errors. That data can then be sent directly to payroll for processing so that human error is essentially not a factor anymore.

#5: Labor Law Compliance Issues Exist

Businesses must know that labor law violations can happen even if they are unintended, and the consequences can be severe. Failing to take breaks and time off and improper payments for earned wages and overtime are severe issues for many businesses.

Online employee time clock software makes it easier to track employees and make sure they take their assigned breaks and are given the appropriate time off so labor law violations don’t occur. The automation of time tracking helps prevent pay issues with hours worked or overtime.

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