Kittens require your love, attention, and care, but they are immediately self-sufficient. Therefore, it is essential to designate a room for them prior to bringing them home. It may take some time for cats and kittens to become accustomed to one another, so it is recommended to first make them comfortable in a pet-friendly room and then gradually introduce them to the rest of your home. It is necessary to spend a great deal of time with kittens for them to form strong bonds with you. As they become accustomed to the new parent and routine, they will feel more at ease around you.

“When a new family member is welcomed, several preparations and arrangements are made. Baby kitty, you must attend to the nitty-gritty particulars. The pet owner must keep in mind a number of crucial factors “says Goofy Tails’ founder Karan Gupta. He also provides care instructions for your new kitty.

Creating a space for the new family member, “your baby kitten”, is the first step in learning how to care for new kittens. A pet-friendly and comfy space without wires or a cage for them to relax and feel at ease.

How to take care of new kittens

  1. Just like infants, kittens must be taught to urinate and defecate in the litter box. On the market, litter boxes are widely available.
  2. When adopting a kitten, you must be informed of its favourite diet and the quantity required. For the next four to five days, pet owners should not switch the brand of packaged food that their pets ingest. It is essential to ask the breeder what the animal was fed. It is recommended to continue feeding the cat the same food for 4-5 days to allow the animal to adjust. Too many environmental changes can be distressing for them.
  3. It is essential to spend time with your kitten from the start. Ideally, pet owners should bring or adopt their animals on Friday so that they can spend the next two days becoming acquainted with them.
  4. You must acquire a number of essential equipment, such as cat-friendly toys, a cat collar, etc.
  5. Do not disturb sleeping kittens, since they have a tendency to oversleep.
  6. Strict and required rules must be communicated to every family member so that everyone follows the same rules and the kitten becomes friendly with the entire family.
  7. Excessive feeding must be avoided, since this may result in diarrhea or vomiting and pose a major health risk.
  8. Cats and kittens should have access to water; they understand when and how to drink.
  9. Pet owners should document vaccinations and should not disregard them.
  10. Please have the kitten examined by a reputable veterinarian.


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