Do you want to avoid wrinkles on your face? We will all get older, and it will show on our skin at some point. However, experts say that there are some exercises that really work and can help reduce the look of wrinkles or even make you look younger for a little longer.

“Wrinkles” are the lines and folds that appear on the skin, says the Mayo Clinic. Some wrinkles can get worse and turn into deep cracks or furrows, which are easy to see around the eyes, mouth, and neck.

And they don’t happen because you laughed a lot as a child or slept with your face on the pillow all your life. They happen because the skin loses collagen as you get older, and the folds show up because of things like your genes and your environment. in the light which is why you should never leave the house without sunscreen.

Everyone gets wrinkles as they age, but some people don’t look like they’re getting older. This could be because they take good care of their skin or because they do facial exercises.

How to avoid wrinkles: facial exercises that can help

A professor at Northwestern University even did a study on the subject and found that, while they won’t keep your skin smooth and young forever, they can make you look better.

Not everything will work, but you can get good results from some things.

Diet and exercise 

The best way to do this is to eat well, which will also make your skin look better, and work out regularly.


Traditional yoga stretches and strengthens the body, and facial yoga does the same for your face. It helps to release tension in the muscles, relax the whole area, and even strengthen it. This can give you a healthy glow and better circulation, both of which will make your skin look better.

It is suggested that you do this for about 20 minutes a day, massaging your face, lifting and lowering it, and making other movements that work all of your muscles.

Acupressure point

Yasmin Karachiwala, a Pilates trainer, said on her Instagram account that there are several exercises that can help. For example, acupressure points help release tension in the face, which can make fine lines look less noticeable.

In a video, the expert says, “Start by pinching and releasing the muscles along the jaw with your thumb and two fingers.” “Take it easy and say it three times.”

The Jirada

Karachiwala suggested acupressure and two exercises called “The Giraffe.” These exercises are supposed to help tone the jaw area and strengthen the neck muscles, which get weaker as we get older.

For the first version, “put your hands on your neck, tilt your head back gently, slide your hands down to your collarbone, and do it again.” 10 times, do the same thing.

For the second, “Place your hands on your neck, tilt your head back gently, and stroke your hands down to your collarbone.” Now, with your hands on your collarbone, gently pull down and hold while pouting your lips as far as you can. Do it twice for a total of six times.

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