Dan Bilzerian net worth has an estimated total of $200 Million as of 2023. Dan Bilzerian’s name may come to mind when you consider living in the now or maximizing your life. Fans have nicknamed him “The King of Instagram,” and he is one of the most well-known social media celebrities in the United States. He is also an actor, venture capitalist, and professional poker player. This page has information about Dan Bilzerian net worth, Biography, Age, Wife, Height, Weight, Latest News, and a lot more.

You can either criticize him or be envious of his fantastic lifestyle, but you cannot ignore him. His luxurious, in-the-moment lifestyle has garnered him a great deal of attention, which in 2023 led to an outstanding net worth of $200 million. Who said you can’t have a great time and make a fortune at the same time?

In this article, we are going to talk about Dan Bilzerian net worth and everything that you need to know.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is a poker player, social media celebrity, and businessman who is of Armenian and American descent. He was born on December 7, 1980, in Tampa, Florida to parents Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. Adam Bilzerian, his brother, is also a poker player.

Dan Bilzerian has always been wealthy, as his father was a Wall Street corporate raider and established trust funds for both Dan and his brother Adam. It is unclear whether he utilized money from his trust fund to fuel his poker career, but he is alleged to have wagered large sums. Thus, Dan Bilzerian net worth rises to $200 million.

Quick Info about Dan Bilzerian

Here is some Important information about Dan Bilzerian net worth, birthday, age, wifi name, and personal life.

Full Name

Dan Brandon Bilzerian

Nick Name


Birth Date

December 7, 1980

Birth Place

Tampa, Florida, United States



Marital Status





Tampa Preparatory School, University of Florida

Net Worth

$200 Million

Source of Wealth

Poker, Television, Actor, Venture Capitalist


5′ 9″ (1.74 m)


85 kg in lbs – 187 lbs

Dan Bilzerian’s Early Life

Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, in Tampa Bay, Florida. In the 1980s, Dan’s father, Paul Bilzerian, was a notable private equity/corporate takeover expert. Dan is descended from Armenians through his father. By the time he was 36 years old, Paul Bilzerian had amassed a $40 million fortune through his own efforts. Paul was unfortunately indicted for tax and security fraud in 1988. At the time, Dan was eight years of age. In 2001, the older Bilzerian filed for bankruptcy, citing only $15,000 in assets and more than $140 million in debt.

The name of Dan’s mother is Terri Steffen. Adam, Dan’s brother, is also an avid poker player. During their heyday, the family had the largest residence in Tampa, a 28,000-square-foot mansion with 10 bedrooms. In 2016, this home was foreclosed upon after Paul fled to the Caribbean to avoid arrest. Before being indicted, their father reportedly established trust funds for both Dan and Adam. Uncertainty surrounds the extent to which this money has contributed to Dan’s current lavish lifestyle and whether some of these funds were potentially obtained through Paul’s alleged tax and security offenses.

Dan Bilzerian’s Career

In 1999, Dan joined the Navy. In 2000, Bilzerian attended SEAL training and endured two “hell weeks,” but he was expelled from the program a few weeks before completion due to a dispute with one of his administrators. On the shooting range, there is a safety violation that is the source of the dispute. Dan enrolled at the University of Florida after leaving the Navy and majored in Criminology and Business.

At age 29 in 2009, Dan began playing poker professionally. In the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, he placed 180th. This was his most successful officially sanctioned poker competition. His reward money was greater than $36,000.

Presently, Dan is known to be an extremely skilled poker player. He claims to have won millions, if not tens of millions, in private events, despite the fact that his career triumphs at sanctioned events are negligible. After Ponzi scheme artist Bradley Ruderman was convicted in prison in 2011, Dan and eleven other celebrities were asked to repay the monies they had received from Ruderman.

They were required to return the funds to help compensate the victims whom Ruderman had stolen throughout his criminal career. Dan openly defended Alex Rodriguez against charges of illegal gambling in the same year.

Dan is rumored to have won $12,800,000 at a renowned event. A single game of heads-up no-limit hold ’em with $5,000-$10,000 bets was won for $10.8 million. He immediately chartered a private jet to Mexico to celebrate his victory. In 2014 alone, he claimed to have earned $50 million playing poker. Additionally, he has at least three times lost more than $3 million. Bluff Magazine has dubbed him the “Funniest Poker Player on Twitter.” He co-founded Victory Poker. With all this, Dan Bilzerian net worth increased by $200 million.

What is Dan Bilzerian Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dan Bilzerian net worth in 2023 is approximately $200 Million (£145.4 million) in 2023.

In addition to acting and being an influencer on social media, Bilzerian is a professional poker player who finished 180th at the 2009 Poker World Series. Although the achievement may not sound particularly amazing, it earned him $36,000.

His victories in sanctioned events are reportedly quite modest, but he claims to have won millions in private events. During one such event, the actor reportedly won $12.8 million (£9.3 million) and immediately flew a private plane to Mexico to celebrate. It is reported that by age 36, he had amassed a $40 million fortune via his own efforts. 

Bilzerian founded Ignite International Brands Ltd in 2019, which sells, among other items, electronic cigarettes, CBD oils, water bottles, and vodka. In 2021, the gambling magnate published The Setup, an autobiography detailing his origins and rise to prominence. Thus, Dan Bilzerian net worth in 2023 is approximately $200 Million.

Dan Bilzerian’s Acting Career

The popular Instagram playboy has appeared in numerous prominent television shows and films, playing both major and minor roles. Dan has had the honor of performing alongside renowned actors such as Denzel Washington.

  • In 2013, he acted in his debut film, Lone Survivor, war and action film in which he portrayed SCPO Daniel Healy, and his acting career began to take shape.
  • In 2014, Dan Bilzerian appeared as Teddy’s friend in The Equalizer, a drama film, in Cat Run 2, a comedy film, as Cordray, and in The Other Woman, a psychological thriller, as the gorgeous man at the bar.
  • Dan Bilzerian as Higgins in the 2015 action film Extraction.
  • Dan Bilzerian’s most recent film appearance was in the comedy-drama War Dogs, in which he portrayed himself.
  • Dan Bilzerian has also appeared on the reality show Risk Takers: Reality Show, which premiered in 2016 and is still airing today.

Additionally, Dan Bilzerian is a superb executive producer. In 2017, he produced the new animated television series Blitz Real Hollywood Stories. In the animated series, which was developed in the United States, Dan recounts the lessons he has learned through his real-life experiences.

Dan Bilzerian Earning as a Poker Star

In 2009, Bilzerian began his poker career by finishing 180th in a World Series of Poker event. This score would make this his most successful poker tournament to date. His wins totaled approximately $36,000. The following year, Bluff Magazine called him one of the most humorous Twitter poker players.

Nonetheless, Bilzerian would generate considerable excitement in the poker market. In 2013, Bilzerian claimed to have earned $12.8 million in a single night as a high-stakes gambler. The following year, he claimed, he won $50 million playing poker exclusively.

Dan has demonstrated his proficiency as a poker player. He claims to have made millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars through private games, but just a few million dollars in formal competitions.

Dan Bilzerian’s Acting Racing Career

In 2011, Dan Bilzerian competed in the Motor speed war drag race in Las Vegas. He competed in the race with his 1967 AC Cobra. Dan defeated Tom Goldstein and received $385,000. Tom Goldstein finished the race in 11.54 seconds at an average speed of 122 miles per hour, whereas he completed the race in 10.74 seconds at an average speed of 133 miles per hour.

In addition to competing in drag races, Dan also rode a bicycle. He wagered with Bill Perkins that he could bike approximately 300 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in less than 48 hours. Dan kept his word and won the wager by completing the trip in 33 hours without any medical help. Bill Perkins awarded him $600,000 for his victory.

Sources indicate that elite cyclist Lance Armstrong trains Dan for free in exchange for $25,000 to compete. The $25,000 is donated to charity, as Lance Armstrong is the founder of the Livestrong foundation for cancer-stricken children and adults.

Dan Bilzerian House

Dan Bilzerian resides in the Hollywood Hills, where Leonardo DiCaprio is one of his neighbors. The residence features a 270-degree view of the city, a large pool, poker tables, and a large garage for his vehicles.

Two goats and a cat, which all sleep outside on a $700 blanket, share his home. He frequently arranges parties and shares them on social media.

Additionally, Dan Bilzerian has residences in Los Angeles and La Jolla, San Diego. Obviously, they are all extremely opulent in order to complement his lifestyle. Aside from that, he routinely rents out costly condos and houses during his travels. This has been possible only for Dan Bilzerian net worth of $200 million.

Dan Bilzerian Car Collection and a Jet

Dan Bilzerian’s automobile collection is vast. He recently purchased a brand-new Lamborghini for $1,000,000 USD. Additionally, Dan Bilzerian owns a Bentley Continental GT valued at over $900,000 USD. A few further automobiles owned by Dan Bilzerian are included here, along with their prices.

If you think Dan’s automobile collection is excessive, you’ll be blown away by the news that he also owns a private jet. No economy-class flights for this wealthy individual! This has been possible only for Dan Bilzerian net worth of $200 million.

Car Collection

Prices (USD)

Rolls-Royce Phantom 

$2 Million USD

Jaguar I-Pace 

$150,000 USD

Mercedes-Benz EqC 

$140,000 USD

Range Rover Evoque  

$85,000 USD


$80,000 USD

Dan Bilzerian’s Personal Life

In June 2015, Bilzerian declared his intention to run for president of the United States. He ended up endorsing Donald Trump in 2016.

Dan, together with his brother Adam and father Paul, traveled to Armenia in August 2018 to take their citizenship oaths. He went to a shooting range and fired firearms while he was there. The government of Azerbaijan protested the United States Department of State. Bilzerian was given an arrest warrant and placed on an international wanted list by a court in Baku.

Dan was there at the horrific shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. Multiple times that evening, he had videotaped himself and uploaded the recordings to Instagram. In the initial video, he is seen escaping to safety. In his second published video, he stated: “Had to go fetch a gun. He was seen returning home and declaring, in the final video, “I don’t think there’s much I can do.” His actions that night sparked considerable media discussion.


Growing up, Dan attended a number of schools before enrolling at the University of Florida to study Business and Criminology. However, he did not complete his degree and dropped out in order to enroll in a SEAL training camp. After an incident on the range, however, Dan’s guns instructor would prohibit him from completing his training.

Dan Bilzerian Love Life

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Dan Bilzerian has never been married, yet he spends most of his money on the women he dates.

Since he is unmarried, he moves frequently and does not reside in any city for an extended period. He owns residences in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, and Bel Air.

This is where Dan lives an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle with a variety of girlfriends. One of them is the Instagram sensation, Sofia Beverly.

She is more like a constant girlfriend than one who comes and goes without a trace. She alone has almost 1.4 million Instagram followers. Both of them have been observed and documented partying together in numerous locations, including the Virgin Islands.

Dan Bilzerian’s Social Media Profiles

As of today, February 8, 2022, he has more than 14 million Facebook followers, around 1.6 million Twitter followers, and approximately 32.8 million Instagram followers.







Dan Bilzerian’s Legal Issues

In the end, Bilzerian launched a lawsuit against the producers of Lone Survivor, alleging he was owed at least eight minutes of screen time and eighty words of dialogue in exchange for a $1 million loan. In the film’s final cut, his role lasted less than one minute and consisted of a single line of dialogue. His lawsuit requested $1.2 million, the sum of his initial debt plus 20%. Dan reportedly profited $1.5 million on his investment as a result of the film’s success, which led to the final cancellation of the project.

How Does Dan Bilzerian Spend His Money? 

Dan Bilzerian, the Instagram king, has a lifestyle that is both controversial and alluring. He is a playboy and professional poker player who associates with Floyd Mayweather and DJ Steve Aoki.

Luxury Architecture claims that Dan Bilzerian’s 12-bedroom home in the Los Angeles area of Bel-Air resembles a nightclub. Observing this rooftop outdoor space, he possesses a $1.5 million Brabus, a Mercedes G63, and a $250,000 Rolls Royce.

In addition to spending money on other pets, he has two goats named Beatrice and Zeus. He has a large swimming pool and jacuzzi at his home.

He owns many automobiles and a military truck. Dan Bilzerian is in the excellent physical condition and has an indoor gym. Without a doubt, he can spend money on everything he desires.

Dan Bilzerian Faced Two Heart Attacks Before the Age of 30

Bilzerian’s health has been negatively impacted by the luxurious lifestyle he leads, which includes drinking alcohol and dating all the ladies around the globe. When Bilzerian was 25 years old, he embarked on a four-day snowboarding holiday, but he had no idea that this excursion would culminate in a double heart attack.

Then, in 2011, Bilzerian was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism after his heart failed while he was flying between Maui and Las Vegas twice in three days for a poker event. At the time, Bilzerian’s public relations representative stated that his cardiac ailment was caused by his lifestyle.

Why is Dan Bilzerian so Famous?

Instagram is filled with individuals attempting to prove their lives are fantastic. As he jets across the world, Bilzerian has become the person everyone wants to emulate. With links to high-profile celebrities and a revolving door of attractive women, it is not surprising that Dan receives so much attention. He has been photographed alongside Post Malone, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hardy, and even Donald Trump.

Bilzerian’s large weapons collection, which he likes to test on half-naked women in the desert, is also a major draw. He performs as if he were a video game character, the type of person we’d all like to play but frequently complain about in real life. In recent years, he has been the focus of a great deal of controversy, with attention on Dan exploding. In addition to being one of the leading lifestyle brands in the exploding CBD business, he is recognized for women, firearms, and automobiles.

Some individuals query naturally how Bilzerian acquires all these women in his entourage and whether or not they are compensated. Rogan quipped on Joe Rogan’s podcast JRE #857 that Dan likely “leave money about the house” for the girls to locate. In all likelihood, Bilzerian pays his models, but why not? A girl has to eat, right? Dan Bilzerian is adored on a global scale; in India, he is revered as one of their many gods.

Fun Facts about Dan Bilzerian

  • Bilzerian was previously sued by the makers of The Best Man Holiday for allegedly breaching a contract to star in the film.
  • During the Las Vegas shooting, Dan Bilzerian was present and broadcast videos of himself to his vast social media following.
  • Bilzerian has asserted that he can perform a 420-pound bench press (190 kg).
  • Although rumors abound that Dan Bilzerian is a former Navy SEAL, it has been shown that these rumors are incorrect. Bilzerian did receive Navy SEAL training, but he never completed it.
  • In 2015, Bilzerian ran as a Libertarian Party candidate for president of the United States.
  • Bilzerian has appeared in a number of films, such as Olympus Has Fallen and War Dogs.
  • Bilzerian is an ardent recreational drug user who claims to spend $200,000 per year on illicit substances.
  • Bilzerian unsuccessfully attempted to purchase an NBA team in the past.
  • In 2014, Bilzerian reportedly suffered a heart attack after consuming nitrous oxide while skydiving.
  • Smush and Blush, two of Bilzerian’s cats, each have their own Instagram account with nearly 400,000 followers.
  • A Las Vegas casino previously blacklisted Bilzerian for allegedly cheating in poker.
  • In 2016, Bilzerian was sued by a woman who claimed he threw her from the top of his mansion during a party.

Life Lessons from Dan Bilzerian

1. More money equals more happiness

The majority of us are familiar with the proverb “Money cannot buy happiness.” The lifestyle of Dan Bilzerian raises significant doubt about the veracity of this aphorism. Dan has probably more money than he could spend in a lifetime, and he spends it on anything he deems enjoyable.

2. Live your life like there’s no tomorrow

Fear of the future inhibits us from pursuing our full measure of enjoyment on occasion. However, we can learn from Bilzerian’s experience to relish the pleasures of the present and let the future worry about itself.

3. All publicity is good publicity

This is an additional important lesson we may learn from Bilzerian’s narrative. The lifestyle of the gambler is quite contentious. He has violated the law several times and is an unconfirmed serial monogamist. However, these controversies have only served to improve his public image.

Dan Bilzerian – Is He the Wealthiest Poker Player in the World or A Scam

Dan Bilzerian is undoubtedly one of the most contentious players in the world of high-stakes poker. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” is well-known for his participation in some of the largest games around, and he has surely won some substantial pots along the way. Given the nature of the game, he must have won at least some of them.

However, Bilzerian has repeatedly struck a chord with the poker community by asserting that the majority of his fortune stems from poker. The estimated net worth of Dan Bilzerian is over $200 million; might he have amassed this fortune through poker?

While he claims to have won tens of millions of dollars playing poker, no one can confirm this because Dan won all of this money in super-private, super-secret games.


You have access to complete information about Dan Bilzerian. Dan is a poker expert who has made a name and fortune for himself in the game. He frequently engages in high-stakes private games with obscenely wealthy players, and he has won substantial sums at several of these games.

These games have significantly increased Dan Bilzerian’s net worth in recent years. Bilzerian shared a Hollywood Hills house with several celebrities, including Sam Nazarian, the billionaire’s son, and Leonardo DiCaprio. He eventually moved to the Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air. Apart from Dan Bilzerian net worth, you can read more entertainment articles here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Do you know how old and tall is he?

If you don’t know, you can learn about Dan Bilzerian’s biography, net worth in 2023, age, height, income, and family in this post.

How much is Dan Bilzerian Net Worth & Salary?

Dan Bilzerian net worth as of 2023 is $200 million. He earned most of his wealth as an American venture entrepreneur, gambler, and actor.

What is the monthly income of Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian gets $4,000,000 USD every month.

How Much Money Has Dan Bilzerian made Playing Poker?

Dan Bilzerian has stated that he has won over $10 million in a single poker game and over $50 million in a single year playing high-stakes poker games.

How much does a Dan Bilzerian house cost?

The name of Dan Bilzerian’s residence is Bel Air Mega Mansion. The residence measures 38,000 square feet and is valued at $250 million.

Was Dan Bilzerian a Navy SEAL?

He was a Navy SEAL trainee in the past. He withdrew from training, however, due to fractures in his leg, which would prevent him from practicing in the military.

How did Dan Bilzerian actually get rich?

How did Dan Bilzerian accumulate his wealth? Dan Bilzerian participated in the 2009 World Series of Poker and finished 180th. Dan claims to have won more than $10 million in a single private poker game and more than $50 million in a single year of playing high-stakes games.

What company does Dan Bilzerian own?

Bilzerian operates the company Ignites International Brands Ltd., which sells, among other items, electronic cigarettes, CBD oils, water bottles, and vodka. Ignite is a publicly traded business based in Toronto, Canada that began trading in January 2019 under the ticker symbol BILZF.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s job?

Dan Bilzerian is an entrepreneur and poker player.

What is Dan Bilzerian famous for?

Dan Bilzerian (also known as “Blitz”), a venture capitalist by trade, has created a name for himself as a high-stakes poker player, adrenaline seeker, and, more lately, Hollywood actor. His opulent lifestyle, propensity for danger, and casual demeanor have earned him worldwide recognition as an international playboy.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s height?

5.9 feet in height (1.75 meters).

What is Dan Bilzerian’s Weight?

85 kg in pounds – 187 lbs.

Who is Dan Bilzerian’s wife?

The caption “Best day ever” led many to believe the couple had tied the knot. However, it was later revealed that the woman was model Hailey Grice and that the two were merely in attendance at a friend’s wedding. Media sources had confused Grice with Sofia Beverly, who was reported to be Bilzerian’s girlfriend.

Is Dan Bilzerian selling his house?

Bolin verified through phone and text messages on Tuesday evening that Bilzerian and Ignite quietly vacated the property and transferred control to Bolin sometime during the past week.

How much money does Dan Bilzerian owe?

It is widely believed that the 39-year-old is a below-average poker player, and he has been ridiculed for his Casanova-like behavior, particularly with younger ladies. Additionally, the company he started is essentially bankrupt and owes over $40 million to investors.

What is Dan’s Business?

Dan Bilzerian has launched a business venture under the name ‘Ignite’. However, the business has incurred losses due to the mismanagement of funds. The investors have also filed a case for financial irregularities against Dan Bilzerian.

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