Clubhouse allows users to monetize their work on the site by allowing them to post external connections. Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison and global director of marketing Maya Watson revealed a new pinned links feature today, which allows moderators to pin outside links to the top of a room. Listeners can be directed to whatever the moderators wish, such as a Patreon page, a news storey, or a podcast, using these links.

For security and moderation concerns, certain URLs will not be permitted. Davison did not specify the types of links that would be prohibited, but he implied that links to OnlyFans would be prohibited because links to porn are prohibited. Anyone can add, update, or remove a link as long as they’re a room moderator and have a certain number of followers.

The feature will be available on both iOS and Android on October 27th.

Although Davison said the team would likely reveal announcements in the coming months about methods in which the app itself will monetize, such as through ticketed rooms and memberships, Clubhouse will not receive a piece of money from any purchases that occur through the connection.

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