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How to Create a PDF File? [Step-by-Step Guide]


Because so many individuals now work remotely, it's more common than ever for official documents to be provided online, with the majority of them being PDFs. PDF stands for portable document format, and it was invented by Adobe in the early 1990s to allow people and businesses to produce precise digital copies of paper documents. The notion was that the...

3 Mind Mapping Tips and Tricks for Remote Teams


Remote work came into spotlight for the first time in the 90s of the last century. One could often hear the motto that “work is something you do, not something you travel to” and it was thought to be the future in order to reduce traffic jams, to give people more free time and so on. As more and more...

How to Clear Phone Storage [Step-by-Step Guide]

Clear Phone Storage

On the market, there are various smartphone models with a lot of storage space. However, if your device's storage capacity is less than 128 GB or 64 GB, you'll receive a 'Out of storage' notice in the notification bar after downloading a large game or file. Android devices provide a lot of customisation choices, which is a good thing....

Twitch Testing Rewind Button [Full Details]

Twitch Rewind Button

One of the draws of Twitch is being able to see things unfold in real time, but I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could go back in time to see something or a moment I might have missed. Twitch, on the other hand, may have a remedy soon, as it's currently testing a new Rewind...

Apple Announces Third-Generation AirPods

Third-Generation AirPods

The third version of Apple's enormously successful true wireless earphones, the AirPods, has just been released. The third-generation AirPods retain a hard plastic, one-size-fits-most fit in the ear, with a redesigned design that merges parts of the previous AirPods and AirPods Pro. However, for the first time since 2016, the form factor has changed significantly: the new earbuds have...

How to Download Videos from Vimeo? [Step-by- Step Guide]


If you want to watch internet videos offline, downloading them to your computer is the best option. YouTube is by far the most popular online video destination, and already demonstrated how to download videos from that platform. YouTube isn't the only place to find outstanding video entertainment, though. Vimeo is a well-liked platform, particularly among filmmakers and other creatives. Vimeo has...

New Android Accessibility Features for Facial Movements


The need to make smartphone use easier for persons with poor motor skills has resulted in some very innovative — and hopefully useful — new features. Google announced on Thursday that it is expanding its accessibility options and releasing a new app that will allow users to manage their phones using facial motions. Camera Switches is a feature found in the...

TikTok is Limiting Kids to 40 Minutes a Day in China

Chinese version of TikTok

The Chinese version of TikTok is adding a "teenage mode" that will limit youngsters under the age of 14 to 40 minutes per day on the short-form video app. According to a statement issued by Beijing-based ByteDance on Saturday, the policy would apply to all Douyin users under the age of 14 who have registered for the app using their...

Google Pixel 6 Pro Hands-on Video Surfaces Online ahead of Much-awaited Launch

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google is expected to release the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones in October, and a new leaked video reveals what appears to be a prototype of the Pixel 6 Pro. M. Brandon (@thisistechtoday) of YouTube has posted a new video of the Pixel 6 Pro. The device may have tiny bezels and a hole-punch cutout, according to the...

How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories [Best Guide 2021]


Instagram is a popular social media network for sharing work-related links as well as interesting articles and tales. Influencers and artists frequently utilise links to encourage their followers to visit their online work, promote other brands, or promote products. Instagram used to provide a "Swipe Up" option for adding links to Instagram Stories, however that has now been replaced...