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Harley-Davidson 338R and 500R: A Pair of Powerful Two Wheels


Harley and Qianjiang Motors have been working together on the Harley-Davidson 338R and 500R, two twin motorcycles that promise to please all speed lovers on two wheels. Qianjiang is a Chinese company that makes a lot of motorcycles. It owns the Benelli and QJMotor brands and has been putting out new models at an amazing rate over the past few...

7 Best Investments for the Short Term in 2023

Best Short Term Investment

You should make a short-term investment if you want a safe place to put your money that isn't under the mattress and you'll need it soon. But the fear of inflation and unstable financial markets can make you think it's not a good time to invest. Learn more, what are the best ways to invest for the short term? Read...

Who Needs a Separate Camera When You Have a Smartphone?

Best Smartphones

Smartphones click because they are what they are – smart. These phones are smart enough to replace many electronic devices such as alarm clocks, calculators, and of course personal digital assistants for emailing and document processing. With the innovations in smartphone technology, however, we just don’t get phone basics like calls, texts, chats, and emails, we also get a...

Best Investments Right Now for Young Adults [ If you are Under 30 ]

Best Investments for Young Adults

We do know. You are young and want to make money, but you don't want to take on too much risk. What are the best investments you can make at that age? On the other hand, you might think that you need a lot of money to invest, but this isn't always the case. Sure, a little extra cash...

How to Book Uber via Whatsapp? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Book Uber via WhatsApp

Uber and WhatsApp launched cooperation on Thursday (December 2), allowing users to book cab rides using the messaging network. Using the newly introduced WhatsApp Chatbok for Uber, customers will be able to book Uber rides. The Chatbot will be operational by next year, according to the companies. Uber will launch its Whstapp cab booking service in Lucknow first, followed by...

Amazon Workers in Staten Island Refile Union Petition


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) press secretary Kayla Blado verified to The Verge that Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island, New York, have re-filed a union petition. According to News Media, workers reportedly staged a "lunchtime strike" in an attempt to urge Amazon to recognize the union. At four Staten Island warehouse locations, the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) is...

eBay Accidentally Suspended Some Users


On December 3rd, eBay unintentionally suspended an undisclosed number of users. The platform has since recognized the situation, stating that users who were inadvertently suspended have been notified and have been given instructions on how to remedy the problem. On Friday, users across social media began complaining that they had been suspended from eBay, despite not infringing any of the...

Top 15 Highest Paid CEO in India 2022 [With Updated Info]

Highest Paid CEO in India

Highest paid CEO in India 2022 who are making their companies and themselves into brands. India is a great place to visit because it has beautiful landscapes, festivals, and food. It has a long history of struggle, culture, and tradition, as well as a lot of great businesses that are doing very well. In this article, we talk about...

Top 20 Highest Paid CEO in 2022 [With Latest Updates]

Highest Paid CEO

Are you looking for the highest paid CEO in 2022, the highest paid CEO in the world, or who is the highest paid CEO in the world in 2022? We know that everyone is curious about them and wants to know more. They give ambitious people a lot of motivation to show up, work hard, and use their skills...

5 Millionaires Who Lost their Money for Mistakes

Elon Musk

When it comes to money, millionaires' mistakes can be even worse than ordinary people's because they might lose billions of dollars or even lead their businesses to fail. You need more than strong ideas or a potential business to get back on your feet. Making a million dollars is far easier than retaining it or growing it. This is due...