An important element of the family home is the roof, the upper deck; since it is this part that protects, provides security to its tenants from inclement weather, sun and night. The deck is the part that literally: provides a roof for the home.

The shapes, designs, and materials of roofs are many, for that reason we decided to explain in detail some types of roofs and modern roofing materials.

1. Aluminum and cardboard profile for modern roofing

You can build a beautiful gable roof without the need for large steel hulks or expensive wooden structures. The strength of this structure consists of the sum of trusses under the plates. This structure is perfect for a tile roof or for complete houses with tile.

2. Aluminum profile and cardboard for outdoor houses with tile

This option consists of assembling trusses of the aluminum metal profile, it is an extremely light material that can perfectly load special plasterboard sheets for exteriors, which are insulated and waterproofed and are perfect as a structure for roof sheets or any shingle roof.

3. Metallic and acrylic profile for modern ceilings

An effective option for terraces or for service patios and roofs is to install a structure of metal profiles, it is very light and easy to place, by means of angles that are anchored to the walls or side fences. On them, which should be no more than 60 centimeters apart, are the acrylic plates or, if you want, you can also place ceiling sheets.

4. Types of ceilings with wood and paint

Timber cladding with wooden slats or boards is classic for their ease of installation and cost, as inexpensive and strong wood such as cured pine is used.

The idea of ​​an economical wooden deck is to leave the structure exposed but so that it does not look so rustic, if it is not your taste, you can paint it in a neutral color, either white or cream, to blend the pieces and work with the complete light. Do not forget the exterior waterproofing, it is essential in all types of roofs!

5. Types of roofs: brick vault

Mudbrick is a very noble, cozy, warm, beautiful, and structurally reliable material under certain circumstances. One of them is the work of vaults on roofs. The shape of the brick found on the joists gives it support and strength, in addition to generating an original design and adequate light and climate management. It goes without saying that brick is one of the cheapest materials on the market for modern roofing and structures.

6. Houses with tile: painted vault

Like the construction of the previous point, in this case, the vault has received a coat of paint to enhance the style and color of the place. It is a good decorative resource to draw attention to brick walls or tile roof, wood floor, or wall art, or simply to reflect the natural light that comes through the windows.

7. Houses with tile and wood

Leaving the apparent structure, this roof is excellent for terraces or extensive galleries of the house. It is a very simple structure with wooden beams and thin bars every 60 centimeters, with a 2- or 4-way slope. The clay tiles are placed directly on the structure, or they can be made of shingles with small wooden plates seated one on top of the other. It gives a fresh and cozy atmosphere to the place to all types of tile roofs.

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