Hurricane Tip To Keep Your Family Informed

If you lose electricity and WiFi, update your voicemail message to notify family and friends and keep them updated! You can change your voice mails as many times as you want and can do it without WiFi! This will keep your family informed and causes them to worry less.

He Is With Us

Allison Tate Kilcrease had a thought while Hurricane Irma was deciding her route. This is a quick watercolor and ink painting that Allison had on her mind today. He is with us is the title of her picture.

Allison is such a great Godly lady and gives to others before herself. She used the scripture listed below and I felt it was important for everyone to read. Thank you Allie.

Fear not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.
Isaiah 41:10

Councilman Larry Johnson Gives Helpful Hints to Stay Safe During Hurricane Irma

While forecasting methods and tools are improving year after year, people are still at great risk to tropical storms and hurricanes because they continue to build along the coastline. The following is a list of helpful hints that you can use before hurricane season, when a watch or warning is issued, before, during, and after a tropical storm, or hurricane strikes your area. City of Sylvester Councilman, Larry Johnson shared this information and wants everyone to stay safe. He also stated if anyone needs anything, please let him no.

• Enter the season prepared.
• Know all evacuation routes if you live close to the coast.
• Make sure your home meets building codes for withstanding hurricanes, and they have storm shutters.
• Have proper tools, supplies, and a first aid kit.
• Have plenty of batteries and flashlights
• Always have plenty of non-perishable foods on hand.

• Leave low lying areas.
• Protect windows with plywood boards, or storm shutters.
• Secure outside objects.
• Make sure you have plenty of fuel and water.
• Have several days supply of food and water for each family member.
• If called to evacuate, do so immediately.

• Be ready to put your plan and preparation into action.
• Pay attention to local weather reports on radio, television, or the internet.
• Have house boarded up, or have storm shutters in place.
• Have plenty of food and water.
• Make sure all your tools, supplies, and first aid kit available for use.
• Have a secure room available.

Update from Mitchell EMC

Mitchell EMC’s staff and employees have been preparing for Hurricane Irma. The offices will be closed on Monday, September 11, 2017. Mitchell EMC employees will be manning the phones as well as CRC (Call Center). If you experience an outage please call 1-800-479-6034 or 229-336-5221. They will continue to update their Facebook page and their website. Please do not report outages through Facebook or other Social Media applications. Strong storms with heavy winds and rain are predicted to impact our service territory. Crews will be dispatched to respond to outages as soon as weather conditions permit. Their thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Tech Things To Think About Before Irma Comes Through

It’s great to be prepared at any time but Josh Beckstrom, The Sylvester Computer Guy wants you to be prepared for Hurricane Irma. Below is a helpful list on how to get prepared.

1) Now is the time to charge up all your electronic devices! Charging can take a long time if your device is low battery already. So grab your smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablet, and other rechargeable device you have that can provide light, communication, or entertainment during an extended power outage and get them charged to 100%. Don’t forget to check the charge status of your Uninterruptable Power Supplies (aka UPS or Battery Backups) as they can store a lot of power.

2) Keep charging your devices until the power goes out. You never know when an extra 1% could have made the difference, so keep those devices tethered to the wall unless absolutely necessary.

3) Turn your brightness to minimum to get much more use out of your batteries. On a laptop this can mean an extra hour or more before the battery runs out versus using the standard or maximum brightness levels we typically use.

4) Turn your smartphones to ‘Low power’ mode if it has it (iPhones definitely do), it will keep things like GPS and data operating only when in active use which will make the battery work even longer.

5) Use one device to charge another when needed. If you start running out of power on your smartphone or other important device, charge it from another device. This goes without saying with the UPS or battery backups, but don’t forget that you can charge from your laptop as well as any other device where you have a cable to connect it to your primary device.

6) You car is a generator! This won’t work for large appliances due to the current load, but you can totally use your car as a way to charge your tech devices once all other backup power sources have exhausted. Just remember that gas becomes a commodity too, so use sparingly (and probably just to keep the phones charged)

7) If you have satellite internet like Exede, remember that as long as you get power to your modem and router you’ll be able to use the internet! This is because unlike land-based internet services, the service is not dependant on the local electrical grid like your house is, so all you need is the modem and router to power up and you’ll re-establish your service connection to the satellite provider.

8) If it’s not important, unplug it now. You don’t want things that can’t help you sapping up your power. Even when off, most device still use a little bit of power to keep lights blinking or things running in the background for when you turn them back on, so unplug them so you don’t forget when the time comes. And although it is possible to run a satellite television service and power your tv through a battery backup, we don’t recommend it because of how much power a television will use. Stick to internet sources for information and keep the tvs off (unless you are using a generator of course).

We hope these tips won’t be needed, but if they are we hope it will give you a little extra peace of mind to know you’ve crossed these items off your preparedness list. After the storm is over, if any of your items are having any trouble, please visit The Sylvester Computer Guy and he will see what he can do to help. Be sure to give them a call first to make sure they are opened as most businesses are going to be closed until the storm passes and all is clear.

Donation Made by Men United Club, Inc.

Men United Club, Inc. recently presented a donation to Dr. Byrd’s and Mrs. Suggs’ classes for school shirts! Their mission is to: 1. To raise the economic, educational and social levels of the residents of Georgia, including members of the Sylvester/Worth County community, who are substantially unemployed, underemployed, or whose income is below federal poverty guidelines, to foster and promote community wide interest and concern for the problems of said residents to that end that (a) educational and economic opportunities may be expanded; (b) sickness, poverty, crime, and environmental degradation may be lessened; and (c) racial tensions, prejudice, and discrimination, economic, and otherwise, may be eliminated. 2. Mentoring under privilege youth. Education of underprivileged youth in pregnancy prevention, conflict resolution, drugs, crime, violence, planned parenthood, etc.” Fundraising for some low income kids who have illness and diseases. Teaching of self-esteem, ethics, morals, laws, citizenship, social and personal responsibility. 3. To expand the opportunities available to said residents and groups to empower, build human capacity, educate and improve communities including economically depressed areas; to assist said residents and groups in developing citizenship skills, knowledge of educational systems, education, multiculturalism and skills necessary for the successful operation of the community and its youth, and to assist said residents and groups in obtaining support from other sources. 4. To expand opportunities available to said residents and groups to obtain significant community involvement, and meaningful involvement and participation in the educational system. 5. To aid, support, and assist by gifts, contributions, or otherwise, other corporations, community chests, funds and foundations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational or scientific purposes, no part of the net earnings of which insures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, and no substantial part of the activities of which Is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation. 6. To do any and all lawful activities which may be necessary, useful, or desirable for the furtherance, accomplishment, fostering, or attaining of the foregoing purposes; either directly or indirectly, and either alone or in conjunction or cooperation with others, whether such others be persons or organizations of any kind or nature, such as corporations, firms, association, trusts, institution, foundations, or governmental bureaus, departments or agencies. 7. To engage in such other activities that are within the scope of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended or the corresponding provisions of any future United States Revenue Law. The Corporation shall have all those general powers specified in section 14-3-21 ( a ) and ( b ) of the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code, including the power to do everything necessary, proper, advisable or convenient for the accomplishment of any of the purposes set forth herein, provided the same not be forbidden by the laws of the state of Georgia. Thank you Men United for all that you do in our community.

Source: WCSD Facebook Page & The Martin News

The Grand Day…. Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is September 10th. Many people honor their grandparents through a range of activities such as gift-giving, card-giving, and for children to invite their grandparents to school for a day where they participate in special lessons or special assembly programs. Many school students take part in story-telling activities that relate to their grandparents, as well as art or poster competitions where children often use a story about their grandparents in their artwork. About four million greeting cards are sent within the United States each year on National Grandparents Day. This day is also an opportunity for people to appreciate and express their love to their grandparents through kind actions such as making a phone call or inviting their grandparents for dinner.  People living in retirement villages or nursing homes may receive a visit from their grandchildren or loved ones on this day. I loved the days I spent with all of my grandparents and even though my daddy has passed on, he still has a grandparent to enjoy. A “Nana” that is. They enjoy time together doing many things and yardsales is one of them. They play Wii together and watch The Chrisley’s together. They enjoy each other’s company immensely. Happy Grandparents Day to you all!

Keeping Health Care Concerns Front and Center

Recently, Representative Austin Scott met with doctors, nurses, and administration at the Central Georgia Cancer Care Center in Warner Robins. They spoke on many health care related issues and concerns including Medicare and the rising costs of prescription drugs. It is imperative that any health care reform proposal not only offer patients affordable and easily accessible care but also offers health care providers the resources needed to provide patients with quality care.

Basket Up For Raffle

Barbara Pattee and Gay Blackwell of Worth County Retired Educators were excited to put this basket on display! They are raffling off this huge basket worth a $400. Proceeds from the raffle fund scholarships for Worth County High School students. The basket is on display at The Margaret Jones Public Library through the end of September and tickets are just $1. Be sure to stop by and buy yourself some chances. This basket looks awesome. I’ll be down to get my tickets for sure in hopes I may win! Good Luck to you all.