Janya’s Journey

This is Janya’s Journey. We cover many different things that Janya does in the community, school, church and with family. We enjoy featuring her however this week, her mother wanted to speak about and to Janya. Please enjoy these most beautiful and precious words.
“Everyday I wake up, it is a blessing not only to be alive but to see my daughter’s face. It’s another day I get to spend with her. Janya has no idea how much she inspires me to be a better person, how much she inspires me to pursue a long time dream of owning multiple businesses nor how much she inspires me to keep going when I sometimes think I can’t.  Not a day goes by that I am not in pain, but I think of my daughter, then I move on a little further. On any given day I’m faced with different obstacles and challenges, but I think of my daughter, and I conquer them all. Sometimes it’s a struggle trying to make sure she has what she needs to do different projects or anything school related and have enough money to pay the light bill, but I think of my daughter and through prayer God works it all out. It’s not often that I can give her all my attention without helping someone with their own situation while listening to her. So recently I decided to think of only my daughter, Janya Rene Green and take her to a concert. Just myself, her and the Lord. Janet Jackson here we are and what a time we had.  No worries. All my thoughts were on her and it was a magical moment we never had a chance to experience before. Janya, I love you and as long as I have breath in my lungs I will continue to support her in whatever she does. I am blessed to be your mother.” Written by Linda Green

One to Keep, One To Eat

I can’t help but smile real big when I look at these pictures! It shows a young girl hard at work volunteering in the garden but also shows her having to take a break and enjoy the crops too! Who can blame her? Not me! When you work so hard to grow your garden and you see what hard work and the Good Lord above can produce, it makes you want to just have a small taste. Janya has been hard at work in the gardens getting the winter crops ready.

Janya enjoys volunteering in her community and being a part of the events. She encourages you to join us all at the Sylvester Christmas Parade this coming Thursday night. It will be fun for all ages. Everyone is excited to see Santa and enjoy all the Christmas lights and music!

Janya along with The Martin News, Men United, Inc and The Sylvester – Worth County Family Connections is collecting coats for the less fortunate this winter season. If you have a new or slightly used coat or jacket that you would like to donate, please email us at info@themartinnews.com and we will be happy to pick them up. Janya appreciates everyone’s help.

Thank you all for your support to the community and for supporting The Martin News, Janya’s Journey.

Janya’s Journey

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Janya is definitely ready! I love when I am able to sit down and enjoy some time with Janya. She stays so busy with church, school, family and the community but I was able to grab her for a few minutes. I asked her for her thoughts on Thanksgiving and her reply was precious. “The feelings of joy, togetherness and happiness are what I think of when I think of Thanksgiving” stated Janya “Thanksgiving is the holiday where we see more family and friends coming together”. Janya is so right. This is the holiday where we see family and friends coming together more often. I wander why that is? Is it because life is so busy that we are not able to do it any other time? Through the eyes of a child is how we should always look at things. Janya loves her family and friends and values the time they spend together. Her mother, Linda, instills the importance of family and true friends to her. Janya thinks it is wonderful for families and communities coming together to feed those that are less fortunate at this time of year also. “Most importantly giving thanks to God for allowing us to come together as one again and giving thanks to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us thus far is truly the reason for Thanksgiving” exclaimed Janya. In closing I asked Janya what her wishes were for the community and she stated that she wishes everyone to be able to come together as family and friends and to enjoy each other.

Heritage Harvest at the Village Community Garden…. Janya’s Journey

Saturday was a very spiritual as well as very educational day for Janya at the Village Community Garden in Sylvester stated Janya. She learned things that she didn’t know actually existed. She was so interested in what everyone had to say that attended the event. “Everything that was said was very helpful to me as well as to all the people of the community” stated Janya. Janya loved all the activities that went on at the event but she explained that her favorite part of the day was the Spiritual Ceremony at sunset. While doing this ceremony, she learned many things about her culture’s history. I asked Janya about the Village Community Garden and its benefits to the community. She explained that the garden benefits the community by not only providing fresh vegetables, but by also providing the people in the community with an educational experience throughout the year even when there is no event taking place. If you or your group would like Janya to speak about the garden or need us to help with any events, please contact The Martin News at info@themartinnews.com and we will do our best to help. The Martin News and Janya’s Journey wants to help our community as much as we can in what ever is needed. Thank you all for your support to The Martin News and most of to the support of Janya’s Journey.

Janya’s Journey

Another busy week for Miss. Janya Green! Janya’s classmates and the staff at Worth County High School are extremely proud of her on being featured in this month’s Fort Valley State FOCUS Magazine highlighting Aeroponics.  Please visit this site to read the article: http://ag.fvsu.edu/index.php/news/fvsu-4-her-becomes-a-farm-manager-at-13/. Janya’s work as a garden manager at the Village Community Garden here in Sylvester is included in the 4-H Jump Off Steam Charter, FVSU Extension, Sylvester, GA Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/4-H-Jump-Off-Steaam-Charter-FVSU-Extension-Sylvester-GA-934109306673349/. Janya loves agriculture and WCHS and the WCSD is very proud of her. (photo credit:  2017 FVSU College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology).

Fort Valley State University 4-H and FFA Central Region, along with the FVSU College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology, are proud to host the 4-H/FFA Ag Youth Health & Field Day prior to the Fort Valley State University vs. Miles College Golden Bears football game on September 16, 2017. Janya is excited to be attending this event. We will include it in The Martin News after her trip.

The Georgia Farm Monitor covers Southeastern Agriculture on the network, and is the only weekly news and information program dedicated to Georgia’s largest and number one industry – agriculture. The village community garden was recently featured on The Georgia farm monitor show and Janya was one of the interviewee’s. The Georgia Farm Monitor is produced by the Georgia Farm Bureau, the state’s largest general farm organization. From their offices in Macon, the Farm Monitor staff travels the state, the Southeast and to other parts of the country to cover stories of interest to farmers and consumers in this entertaining and informative 30-minute program. While the program focuses on agriculture with the Georgia and Southeastern farmer in mind, national ag issues, consumer information and interesting feature stories about rural life and people are also part of the show each week. The show is seen on a network of thirteen stations across Georgia, as well as nationally on the RFD-TV Network.

Stay tuned next week on Janya’s Journey as we talk about her weekend get away of the Labor Day Weekend.

Janya’s Journey

What another busy week it has been for Miss Janya Green. She has been busy with school work and volunteering but from the smile on her face, she is loving every minute of it.

Pictured is Janya on picture day for WCHS. What girl doesn’t like to get all dressed up and she looks beautiful as ever. What memories she and her class mates will have from their yearbooks on picture day.

Janya enjoyed Monday and the Eclipse. She hopes everyone else did as well. It was an experience that everyone will remember. Whether you were able to see the complete Eclipse or partial, it was a moment that many had not experienced and many may never experience again. It was neat for people to share their experience on Facebook has well for everyone to enjoy!

Janya is excited to have been elected as Treasurer for her Freshman Class at WCHS. She will keep us posted of things happening at WCHS as well.

Janya has a few projects that she is working on and we will keep you posted on them as we can and have the information to do so. Please continue to pray for Janya while on her journey to do great things at WCHS and in the Sylvester – Worth County Community. Stay tuned for next week in “Janya’s Journey”.

Janya’s Journey

Janya loves volunteering out at the Village Community Garden but what she loves even more than volunteering, is teaching others about it as well. She had that opportunity on Saturday, August 5th. Janya was able to explain to Mr. Green, a Plant Scientist, how the Aeroponics works compared to what he learned in earlier years. Mr. Green was very excited to learn about the new way of farming. Aeroponics is a great alternative for growing plants in small spaces, especially indoors. Aeroponics is similar to hydroponics, as neither method uses soil to grow plants; however, with hydroponics, water is used as a growing medium. In Aeroponics, no growing medium is used. Instead, the roots of plants are suspended or hung in a dark chamber and periodically sprayed with nutrient-rich solution. Pictured is Janya and Plant Scientist, Mr. Green.

Whether at school, at church, with family or in the community, Janya stays extremely busy. She believes in representing herself very well. On Monday, August 7th, Janya along with several members of the Village Community Garden including Sam White attended the City of Sylvester Council Work Session. They presented to the council that they were in need of a bathroom at the Village Community Garden. Janya voiced how important the need was. Councilman Larry Johnson covers this area of Sylvester and will be doing what he can do to see what help is out there for the Village Community Garden.

Saturday evening, Janya was able to do some volunteer work at the garden. She watered the inside plants and transplants and closed up the Hoop House for the night. A hoop house works much like a greenhouse. Before long, The Martin News plans to take a tour of the Village Community Garden with Janya. It seems like so much fun to learn and see what all she does when she volunteers.

Stay tuned to next week on the journey! Janya is running for the Freshman Class Treasure…. Stay Tuned!

Janya’s Journey

Monday, July 31st was the First Day of School for Janya and she said it went great. I think her nervousness went away after just a little while of being at the new place, the big world known as the high school. By that smile right there, it’s hard to convince me she was nervous. She loves all of her classes except there is one very challenging to Janya… GYM. I have laughed about this since she told me. It’s because we live in the hottest part of Georgia I think. Now Janya works out in the heat at the Village Community Garden and The Farmers Market but she said she was so out of shape that Gym Class was getting the best of her. I had to ask who the coach was and it is Coach Popham. I just think the world of Coach Popham and his wife, Michelle. I laughed when she said Coach Popham and I told her that he will be great. I asked her didn’t you have him in the Middle School and she laughed again and stated “Ms. Lynn, I am telling you it’s because I am out of shape”. I think it is wonderful that Janya is loving her classes and she doesn’t have an ounce of mean in her so she meant nothing by not loving Gym but I guess we all could do for some getting in shape so Coach Popham get this girl in shape.

The first time of school didn’t stop Janya from helping out at the Village Community Garden. She volunteered after school because Janya and her mother, Linda stated peppers had to be picked. Janya got the peppers picked on Monday. On Friday, she helped plant Broccoli and Greens and on Saturday she helped her grandpa at the Sylvester Farmers Market.

Thank you Janya for setting a great example of what community volunteering is all about.