Some Day We Will Laugh About This

Well want you look a here? There’s another day to celebrate. I love these kind of days. They can be so much fun and bring many laughs. So this day is “Some Day We Will Laugh About This”. Do you have one of those moments in your life? Well I sure do. We laugh now but we were NOT laughing then. When I was about 13 or 14, I took my mother’s car for a spend through mother and daddy’s pecan orchard. Now I had learn to drive about the age of 11. Mother and Daddy wanted me to learn early because of my sister’s terrible driving record. So by 13 or 14, I was pretty dog gone good at driving. Well it was on a Saturday and mother was getting ready to go to work at my aunt’s restaurant, Blackbeard’s. She was in the house getting ready and I took it for a spin. My friend, Allison Elam was with me and she had learned at an early age to drive also. So we both could drive good. Well I was spinning around those trees like a pro. Allison was waiting for me to get back when mother came out the garage door and said “ Where’s Lynn, Where’s my car”… about that time I come around and saw her and I pulled right to her and slammed on those breaks. Boy did she look mad so I locked the doors and got out on the other side so I could get a running start. Oh boy she was past mad… BUT she did not spank me nor put me on restriction for any of my fun things so I thought I was good UNTIL she said I could not drive for a month! I think my heart skipped two or three beats. Do you know how terrible that was?? It was awful. We lived in the big ole country, Gordy and I could drive to my grandma and grandpa Dupree’s anytime I wanted but I didn’t for that month and when I got my privileges back, I NEVER broke the rules of driving again. We laugh now but I was NOT laughing then and neither was my mother!

Christmas Cards No More

Have you ever thought about sending a Christmas card to your family and friends or do you just send a Christmas text? I know a few just laughed when they read that but I am being very serious. When I was a teenager, being the youngest grandchild and a granddaughter at that, I took up much time with my grandmother. After Thanksgiving lunch every year that I can remember after becoming a teenager, I would help her fix her Christmas cards. She had them ready to mail out on December 1st or around there. She had her address book that we went through looking at who she needed to send a card to and she looked through the address labels of those that sent to her the year before, yes she kept them ALL! She enjoyed sending as much as she enjoyed receiving Christmas cards. She put a special message in each card. I think back on those times and it brings such great joy to me knowing that time with her was so precious to us both. I sure miss fixing those cards for her. She kept EVERY one of her cards from year to year to glance back over. Have you mailed your cards today?

Heritage Harvest at the Village Community Garden…. Janya’s Journey

Saturday was a very spiritual as well as very educational day for Janya at the Village Community Garden in Sylvester stated Janya. She learned things that she didn’t know actually existed. She was so interested in what everyone had to say that attended the event. “Everything that was said was very helpful to me as well as to all the people of the community” stated Janya. Janya loved all the activities that went on at the event but she explained that her favorite part of the day was the Spiritual Ceremony at sunset. While doing this ceremony, she learned many things about her culture’s history. I asked Janya about the Village Community Garden and its benefits to the community. She explained that the garden benefits the community by not only providing fresh vegetables, but by also providing the people in the community with an educational experience throughout the year even when there is no event taking place. If you or your group would like Janya to speak about the garden or need us to help with any events, please contact The Martin News at and we will do our best to help. The Martin News and Janya’s Journey wants to help our community as much as we can in what ever is needed. Thank you all for your support to The Martin News and most of to the support of Janya’s Journey.

Happy 98th Birthday Dr. Davis

What a great way to celebrate his 98th birthday by spending it at one of his most favorite places to eat with many of his favorite people. Dr. Davis was born on February 21, 1919. He stated that he came into this world weighing a whopping 15 pounds! I, myself weighed almost 10 pounds so I know 15 had to be a big ole baby. Hearing Dr. Davis’ stories of life have always been such a great honor to me. I, unfortunately was not able to join in on the celebration however my mother, Venice Meeks, stopped by to see Dr. Davis and his family at Ed’s Truck Stop. Ed’s Truck Stop is a favorite for Dr. Davis as well as his family. The girls at Ed’s even had a sign up for his birthday. They all love Dr. Davis! Mother grew up in and around the Davis family. Our family thinks the world of him and his family. My grandmother, Louise Dupree which was my mother’s mother, was the Dietician at Sylvester Health Care under the direction of Dr. and Mrs. Davis. For many years, I visited Dr. Davis for allergy shots. He was a wonderful and caring doctor. A few years back, I visited him at his office which still looks the same as when we went to doctor appointments there. The memories are still very much alive there. I would also like to thank Dr. Davis for supporting the photography provided for the past several years to the Cancer Survivors at the Annual Relay for Life Cancer Survivor Dinner. The survivors thank you for the memories that are captured for them. Happy Birthday Dr. Davis and we wish you many more!

Is It Hot Enough For You?

This time of year is known for the appreciation of the air conditioning. I hear people say all the time that it is so hot. It makes me think back to when I was a little girl. I remember it being very hot, maybe not as humid but definitely hot! My grandmother and grand daddy lived in Gordy and did not have an air conditioning. I was probably almost 18 years old when they got central heat and air, so that was around 1995. All my childhood they had a window unit, one that it. They had it in the front living room that cooled the sitting area and the front bedroom. I thought I was in hog heaven in the afternoon. It was so nice to cool off. Now a days children probably couldn’t function. We have things so good now and especially our children do and they don’t even realize it. I hope everyone stays cool this Summer and has a GREAT Summer!