185 Inch Buck from Worth County


It was the morning of Nov. 10 when Jeff was hunting on the creek bottom of the new lease that he had just gotten into. In fact, it was so new, he had not even set up any stands or blinds yet, so he had to hunt sitting on the ground. At around 7:30, he saw a doe behind him, and not long after that, a buck came up from the creek bottom behind the doe. This buck immediately piqued Jeff’s interest. “I didn’t want to look at the horns anymore because I didn’t want to get nervous,” said Jeff. Jeff rolled over onto his stomach to get a shot at the buck, spooking the doe a bit, which made him nervous that both deer would run off. Jeff only had a 12- to 15-inch gap to make a shot between the two trees the buck was standing behind. After aiming for the vitals, he pulled the trigger and both deer ran. When he went to check for blood at the spot the buck was at, he realized that he completely missed the buck and hit the pine tree. “That made me feel sick,” Jeff said. That evening, Jeff went hunting with his dad, Michael, and older brother, Justin, to the same property in hopes of seeing the giant buck again. Once they arrived, Justin went to another spot on the property, while Jeff and his dad went back to the area where he had missed the buck that morning. On their way to the spot, they jumped two deer. “Dad said that the hunt was probably over with,” said Jeff. They were both irritated about bumping the two deer but began trying to decide where to set up a ground blind. His dad was looking around trying to find a good spot to hunt when Jeff brought his rifle scope to his eye to check out the area where the deer had run. Once he did, he saw the back end of a deer 100 yards away. He motioned to his dad that he was looking at a deer. Jeff’s dad looked through his binoculars at the deer, but he couldn’t tell what it was. Jeff got onto his stomach, keeping the deer in his scope, and waited for about 10 minutes before it moved to scratch head and began walking. When that happened, Jeff finally got clear view of the antlers and realized how big it was. He put his crosshairs on the shoulder and fired. They waited for about five to 10 minutes before moving to track it. “It seemed like 30 to 45 minutes to me,” said Jeff. They walked to where the deer was shot and found blood. Jeff found some blood and began looking in the direction it ran. He found the deer about 10 to 15 yards away. He only saw the body at first because its head was blocked by a pine tree and some brush, but when he finally saw its antlers, he began cheering and yelling for his dad to, “Get down here and see this thing!” Jeff’s monster buck has 15 scoreable points, with six on the left and nine on the right. His buck has been entered in Week 9 of Truck Buck.

Source: Georgia Outdoor News

Halloween Fun at Ed’s Truckstop


Halloween was full of fun at Ed’s Truckstop! During lunch the dessert was full of treats! You weren’t sure if you would grab a pudding with a big play spider or one with a skeleton. I must say that I was not expecting it and I jumped. And yes they laughed!

That evening Gail and the crew from Ed’s set up outside for the children to come by dressed up for a little trick – or– treating. They were able to enjoy candy, popcorn, hot chocolate and lemonade. They were even able to register for a giveaway of a $20 gift card to Wal-mart provided by Ed’s Truckstop. Gail surprised the group by giving away a $20 and a $10 Waal-mart gift card. The winners were Karen Newsome for the $20 gift card and Amanda Harrison for the $10 gift card.

Gail was excited to be able to hold this event. She said it was all about the kids and making memories. Mr. Ed said it was a great turn out. Thanks Gail and Ed’s Truckstop for all the great things you do for the community.

Heritage Harvest at the Village Community Garden…. Janya’s Journey

Saturday was a very spiritual as well as very educational day for Janya at the Village Community Garden in Sylvester stated Janya. She learned things that she didn’t know actually existed. She was so interested in what everyone had to say that attended the event. “Everything that was said was very helpful to me as well as to all the people of the community” stated Janya. Janya loved all the activities that went on at the event but she explained that her favorite part of the day was the Spiritual Ceremony at sunset. While doing this ceremony, she learned many things about her culture’s history. I asked Janya about the Village Community Garden and its benefits to the community. She explained that the garden benefits the community by not only providing fresh vegetables, but by also providing the people in the community with an educational experience throughout the year even when there is no event taking place. If you or your group would like Janya to speak about the garden or need us to help with any events, please contact The Martin News at info@themartinnews.com and we will do our best to help. The Martin News and Janya’s Journey wants to help our community as much as we can in what ever is needed. Thank you all for your support to The Martin News and most of to the support of Janya’s Journey.