Saying Goodbye To An Angel

A Worth County High School Senior whose life touched many, tragically passed away on Thanksgiving Day. 18 year old Ebony Clark was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2013 where doctors gave her six months to live. Now, Ebony is remembered by her friends and loved ones as a fighter who loved life. At Clark’s funeral service, her loved ones celebrated her for the beautiful person she was. Assistant Pastor Webbie Hill at Jesus Christ Tabernacle of Deliverance says Ebony was active in the church. He says she was always the first person to volunteer if the church needed something. “To talk about her as a person, I can’t do nothing but smile because that’s all she ever did. Even when she was going through pain and suffering, you would never know it because God kept a smile on her face.” Clark had been battling brain cancer since she was 14 years old although, her friends and family say you would never know it. Her classmate, Keyondria White says that Clark was a friend to everyone. “When she came to our school she acted as if she was just normal as we were. She laughed a lot, she liked to just have fun. She really impacted a lot of us at her school,” said White. Despite missing many classes because of her diagnosis, Clark made it her mission to graduate from high school. “She was able to graduate and get her diploma. And that was one of the goals that she was hoping for. She didn’t hope for, you didn’t hardly ever hear her saying I want to grow up and be this person, she just wanted her diploma,” said Hill. Although her loved ones had mixed emotions when they heard of her passing everyone agrees, she’s in a better place now. “I’ve never heard her raise her voice, she had this little sweet voice. Sounded like a little angel. And I know right now that’s what she’s doing, she’s getting her wings, amen,” said Hill. Monday would have been Ebony’s 19th birthday. The Martin News was honored to be able to attend her graduation ceremony at Worth County High School. That is a day, a moment, I will always treasure.

Source: WFXL News and The Martin News

Cookies…. We ALL love Cookies

I’m telling you what… I love the idea of all these fun days to celebrate! There is a National Cookie Day which is celebrated on December 4th. I was thinking what a great day to eat some cookies and not even think about the calories. 🙂 It is even a good day to bake some cookies and share with your friends. I have heard of a cookie exchange. That sounds like a load of fun! So tell all of your friends about this and everybody start cooking those cookies. You will never know what kind of cookies your friends will bring but it will be a yummy day. Another great thing we could all do is bake cookies and take them to our fire fighters and police officers and anywhere else you think of. People sure do appreciate being thought of and eating cookies!

Lights, Lights & More Lights

As I have already mentioned, I LOVE this time of year! It is so much fun to go see Christmas lights and enjoy time with family. The lights this time of year are beautiful and breath taking. This picture is one provided by Callaway Gardens. If you have never been to see the lights there, you should make a plan to do so. You can ride through in your own vehicle or ride the trolley. There is so many other things that you can do there as well and you can even do a little Christmas Shopping in the gift shop. While you are looking at the lights, you will see them all. They have the twelve days of Christmas. My favorite was the lights that were in motion. So instead of me telling you the rest, go ahead and plan a family trip to Callaway Gardens and enjoy the Christmas Lights. We are going in a few weeks and I am beyond excited! Merry Christmas from Callaway Gardens.

Cookie Cutters Every Where!

If you are ever looking for something to celebrate for fun, look on the internet! They have holidays galore that they celebrate and one this week is Cookie Cutter Week. How cool does that sound? I love cookie cutters. Let me tell you about a Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree I did one year and about one year is all it took for me. HA! I am not even sure how the idea came up but we always had themed trees in our house. My friend did too. Now she puts up way more trees than I do. Unless she has gotten rid of the cookie cutters over the last year or two, she still puts it up. I loved my cookie cutter tree and disliked it all at the same time. 🙂 I am very OCD and like things neat and in order. When you have hundreds of cookie cutters in every color and size, there is NO order to that! Let me tell you though how we did it. I started collecting the cookie cutters and my mother and friend would buy me some for every occasion and then some no occasion gifts. I would put them up and when Christmas tree decorating time arrived, bam there they were…. Piles and piles of them! I had every holiday kind and every kind in between. I did love my tree but my OCDness wouldn’t let me stop trying to fix it, so I passed it on to my friend. Now she had two smaller trees with them on it and they looked adorable so the morale to the story is I should’ve used smaller trees… 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Martin News.

Kerry Helms, 2017 Tree Lighter, Phoebe Worth Medical Center

Tree Lighting Ceremony – Phoebe Worth Medical Center – Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Kerry Helms has always worked with his hands. In 1977, he and his father started Helms Welding & Machine in Sylvester. “I love building stuff, taking a drawing or picture and building something out of it,” Kerry said. Unfortunately, the difficult treatment from a terrifying cancer diagnosis forced him to retire. “On October 14, 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal and metastatic liver cancer. My whole world was turned upside down,” Kerry said. “I asked Dr. Mendenhall if I could beat it, what are my chances? He said 5 percent.” Thanks to the team at the Phoebe Cancer Center, Kerry is beating those odds. “I love every one of them. They’ve been nothing but great to me. The most compassionate people I’ve met in my life,” he said. Because his diagnosis was so serious, Kerry’s doctors gave him the opportunity to consult with physicians at some of the top cancer centers in the country. Instead, he chose to start his treatment immediately in Albany. “Phoebe has got the best cancer center anywhere around, as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “It’s been a godsend just being local and not having to travel to Atlanta.” Kerry’s journey has been tough. After getting great results from his cancer treatment, he developed a rare kind of pneumonia. “I was in ICU, and I quit breathing. Luckily, the doctors were right there and they got me back breathing,” Kerry said. He spent more than two months in the hospital and another 30 days in rehab learning to walk again. Then, his cancer returned. “At times it’s hard to stay optimistic, but I know the Lord has got a reason for me to be here. I think it’s to educate people on the importance of screenings.” Kerry nearly waited too long to get screened, and that’s a mistake he doesn’t want others to make. “Being the typical man, I’m not one to go to the doctor unless I get sick, and I never got sick. Once I started having problems, I just ignored it. It just kept getting worse,” he said. Kerry is back on a chemotherapy regimen and battling his cancer with strength and determination. He still works with his hands, too. In retirement, he taught himself the art of leatherwork. He spends his free time now making belts, holsters, keychains and journal covers. “I draw everything out and cut it out by hand and sew it by hand. It is labor intensive. It takes about 8 hours to sew one. Not many people do it all by hand like that,” he said. Kerry is proud of his leatherwork, but he’s more proud of his work to spread a lifesaving message. “If I can tell you my story and express the importance of getting checked and it saves your life, then I’ve done my job.” Please make plans to join The Martin News at this year’s event on Tuesday.
Source: Phoebe Worth Medical Center

First Time For Everything…And Last!

So I have never been to Wal-mart for Black Friday specials. First let me say that Sylvester Wal-mart had it going on! They had things in order, police officers watching over the store and keeping things safe and there was no fighting and arguing that I saw. So I went up there on Thursday afternoon to get one of their Iphone 6 that was on sale for $129. Great price I thought so I went. Lord have mercy at the people! I have never seen so many people in my life. The parking lot was over full, there was people parking across the road, on the side of the road, blocking the entrances, everything! So I went in there and truly had no clue where to go. When I finally got directed to the right line, I got in line. I was number 43. They only had so many tickets they were giving out because they only had so many phones. When I got my ticket, I went and checked out and was gone. Too many people for me! 🙂