Bus Safety on Valentine’s Day

Worth County Schools wishes to remind you of changes we have made in past years concerning bus transportation and Valentine’s Day. Because of safety issues, we will regulate the size of an item/Valentine’s Day gift that can be taken on the bus. Items that are large in size, or cause visual interference, will not be allowed on buses. Items such as balloons and large oversized stuffed animals are examples of things/gifts that will not be allowed on the bus. We in no way wish to discourage you from sending Valentine’s Day gifts to school, but it is important that we keep students safe while at school and while riding the bus. You are more than welcome to send balloons, overstuffed items, etc., but be sure to plan to pick your child up from school on that day. If an item is sent that is not allowed on the bus, we will keep the items at the school and you can pick up during school hours of the following school day. Thank you so much for helping us to keep our students and drivers safe.

Source: WCSD Web Page