Late Night Run

Have you ever just been sitting around and start talking about different things, enjoying visiting with your friends and then all of a sudden decide to go get donuts? YES donuts and guess what time it was?? 12:15am… YES 12:15 in the morning. Just when I thought I was headed home, I quickly learned different. I said no multiple times about going but I lost against three others two of which were teenagers and talked me in to it. I must say though we had a blast. We laughed so much and had such a great time. What I was hoping for though did not happen. The HOT light was not on. I was so disappointed but we already rode 30-45 minutes to get the donuts, so we ordered some. I had two chocolate covered donuts and the rest of the crew had regular glazed donuts. They were delicious but the best of all was all the laughing and stories we shared. Now for the record, I didn’t drive because I don’t like to drive at night but my friend, Shalonda Polk was driving and our boys J’Son and Larry were laughing at us in the back seat. Thank you Lord for blessing us with such good friends.