Get Moving With Your Pooch

January is National Walk Your Dog Month! What better time to spend outdoors with your dog! Walking is great exercise for dog owners but is also beneficial for dogs. Walking your dog allows them to get rid of built up energy. Draining this energy will result in a calmer and more submissive dog. Not expending this energy will often result destructive behaviors. A walk outside will also stimulate your dog’s brain. While walking outside, your dog will be exposed to many sights, sounds and smells. This will also allow your dog to become more familiar and comfortable with a variety of sights and sounds such as bicycles, lawn mowers and loud vehicles. For dog owners who have more than one dog, walks together will help them bond with each other. This will help to prevent negative interactions between them at home. Dog walking also allows you to bond with your dog. Dogs crave attention and this will allow you to set aside time just for you and your dog. Regular exercise has improved the health of many people. It can also help your dog live a longer, healthier life.