Con Artist Targeting the Ashburn Community

Please be aware that there is a con artist targeting the Ashburn community.  The scammer called the Ashburn – Turner County Chamber of Commerce recently claiming to be the “Project Manager for Turner County High School” from a number from Fort Worth, Texas.  She is calling asking for monetary donations for the high school or different groups, specifically the Cheerleaders.  Ashley Miller, Interim President & CEO of Ashburn – Turner County Chamber of Commerce, spoke with the school and the cheerleader’s coaches and they are NOT raising money right now. If they were, they would be going face to face and asking in person – not through Fort Worth, Texas. When Ashley asked this scammer what project she was managing, she simply said, “I’m the project manager for the school”. As always, if someone is trying to get money from you or your business and you don’t feel comfortable or if anything seems wrong about it, do not feel obligated or guilty for saying no. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we have to stay vigilant about these things.  ​Please make sure to let everyone know that this is a scam targeting our area currently. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your local chamber.